Cheap Makeup Removal Wipes!

When I have finished a closing shift I usually get home around 10:30 pm. I’m hungry, tired and frankly, at that hour, I just don’t want to thoroughly wash my face with a washcloth and soap to scrub the makeup off my face. I also have to wash the washcloth and rinse the makeup out after I’m done as well. Otherwise, I would have to face the morning wrath of my mother for leaving a foundation covered washcloth in the sink. I know, I’m super lazy.

So, I turn to makeup remover wipes in time of need. The thing is, I find they are pretty damn expensive. For example, at Walmart, a pack of 25 NEUTROGENA® makeup wipes costs you 10 dollars. 

But do not fear, for I have found the cheapest and best deal on makeup removal wipes. For me at least. (If you have any other good deals on cheap makeup wipe cleansers be sure to comment on this blog post below!!)

For a while, I was buying makeup wipes at Forever 21. These cost roughly 6 dollars, for a pack of 60 wipes. YES, not 25 wipes, but 60! 


The one above was one of the kind I would frequently buy. They had all kinds of different scents besides this one. They were decent, cheap and would get the job done. However, they were nowhere near perfect. I would often find they were dryer than other makeup wipes I had tried out, and sometimes, they were just too dry. At the end of the day though, they were fine, and there were 60 of them. I really couldn’t complain.

A few months ago, I was dismayed to find out Forever 21 did not sell this line of makeup wipes anymore. I was very worried they were just going to be selling their small 30 makeup remover wipe sets. 30 wipes is still good and all, but you get a much better deal getting the 60 piece one since it was only a couple of dollars more than the 30 piece.

Last week I visited Forever 21 and was super pumped to find out they were back to selling their 60 wipe set. Forever 21’s makeup Love & Beauty label was still stamped on the packaging; but the design and name of the wipes were different and cost 8 dollars instead of the original 6. I still didn’t hesitate to pick one up to test out.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 3.37.43 PM

Behold, my new favourite item at Forever 21.


I am very glad I did. These wipes are so much better than the previous ones I used to purchase. They are better because, sigh, they are perfectly….moist. I cringe as I type this out. (I really hate that word and I hate to use it, but I must in this case.)

They take the makeup off much easier than the ones I used to use and they smell way better. They are a bit more expensive, but heck, 60 wipes for 8 dollars is still an awesome deal compared to 25 NEUTROGENA® wipes for 10 dollars. (And that is how much they cost at Walmart. Can you imagine how much they must cost at Shoppers Drugmart?!)

I try to minimize the waste I cause, so I don’t use makeup wipes every day. But if you are like me and get home late from work some days and just want to hit the hay without covering your pillowcase with makeup, these are a great life hack. Especially for those on a budget.



The Selection #1


Author: Kiera Cass

My Rating: 2/5

“35 Girls. One Crown. The Competition of a Lifetime.”

I first heard of Kiera Cass when I stumbled on her awesome YouTube channel a couple of years ago. Her videos are hilarious, witty and entertaining.

I figured I’d give her fairly newish series a shot.

Basically, it’s The Hunger Games (minus the killing,) and The Bachelor (except you’re trying to steal the heart of a prince.) Ok, so for some, maybe that is a really sweet combination, but for me, the whole idea and plot fell short. Maybe it’s just the romance aspect that bored me to death, I rarely read any love triangle/romance novels. The Hunger Games had a love triangle arguably, but come on, there was oppression, rebellion and survival as well! I think the reason this book reminds me of the THG is that in both dystopian worlds, their societies are heavily controlled by a caste/class system. Similar to THG, in the Selection, you are born into a caste/district and the chance of climbing up in terms of careers and lifestyle are slim to none.

Or perhaps it was the cringe worthy names Cass decided to use that really made me shake my head in disbelief. One of the female character’s is called Tuesday, I shit you not, her name is Tuesday, after the day of the week. Oh, and the female protagonist of the series is called America Singer, who just happens to be a talented and paid singer, wow, didn’t see that one coming. And somehow, despite being a paid singer, America is in a low caste level…um, you would think jobs of the poor would be something less glamorous and more hard labour, or maybe that is just me?

I know a lot of people have been raving about this series, and maybe I would’ve enjoyed it too when I was a young teen, I’ll never know now.

I recommend this to teen girls, those who like romance novels or those who just enjoy The Bachelor in general. I, on the other hand, will not be continuing with this series.

(I still love her YouTube channel, so if you want, check it out here.)

Twisted History


My Rating: 4/5

Author: Howard Watson

There is nothing better than grabbing a warm cup of tea while reading about 32 of some of the the world’s most famous, psychotic, evil and darkest human characters in history.

Twisted History is divided into the following chapters: Treachery & Torture, Saints & Sinners and Murder & Mayhem. Twisted History is packed with disturbing coloured photos and illustrations, fact files and interesting side notes.

I enjoyed reading Twisted History and found it very gripping. I highly recommend this to anybody who is interested in learning more about the darker side of human nature in history.

I personally would have liked just a bit more information on some of the people covered in this book, but each to their own. I’m sure everybody is interested in a different person featured in this book. Every section was interesting and I learned a lot.

The 32 profiled in order are as follows:

1. Brutus

2. William Wallace

3. Gilles De Rais

4. Vlad The Impaler

5. Richard III

6. Guy Fawkes

7. Benedict Arnold

8. Adolf Eichmann

9. Pierre Laval

10. Lavrentiy Beria

11. Judas Iscariot

12. Nero

13. Joan Of Arc

14. Tomas De Torquemada

15. Thomas More

16. Rene Goupil

17. Rasputin

18. Adolf Hitler

19. Mahatma Gandhi

20. Martin Luther King, Jr.

21. Bernie Madoff

22. Blackbeard

23. Dick Turpin

24. Thug Behram

25 John Wilkes Booth

26. Billy The Kid

27. Jack The Ripper

28. H.H Holmes

29. Al Capone

30. Kazuo Taoka

31. Joseph Stalin

32. Lee Harvy Oswald

What Is Goth? and Paint It Black: A Guide to Gothic Homemaking

goth1       goth2

My Ratings: 5/5 and 5/5

Author: Aurelio Voltaire

I figured I would put these in the same book review, as they really go together and are very small pocket-sized books.

I found another couple of excellent guides to living goth and just had to review them as they are both amazing. Voltaire really outdoes himself in these witty and hilarious how-to’s.

The first book, What is Goth? explains the very basic meaning of what being goth is all about, and what it certainly is not. It also outlines the several different goth-types in the goth culture, and that no goth is the exact same cut-out goth figure that television and the media depicts them to be. (That weird melancholy teenage kid dressed head to toe in black who hates life and never has any lines on the TV show, but is always there as the outcast freak.)

Paint it Black: A Guide to Gothic Homemaking, is as you probably already guessed, is more of a book on how to create easy-to-make and affordable goth decor and how to turn your home into an awesome goth haven. Even if you are not interested in going full gloom themed for your apartment or house, this little handbook also gives excellent crafty ideas that you can use for birthday, Christmas or Halloween presents.

Both books are full of funky illustrations and hilarious jokes from cover to cover that I enjoyed. I recommend this to anybody who is goth, interested in the subculture or a “mundane” like me, who just loves the style and artistry in the goth lifestyle.

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth


My Rating: 4/5

Author: Jenny McCarthy

I have Tokophobia, the fear of pregnancy and childbirth. I also happen to be a huge fan of gross and disturbing subject matter, so this book looked like a good creepy read for me.

Boy, was I right. While it was humorous and on the short side, Jenny McCarthy doesn’t skip any embarrassing or gross experiences she went through during her pregnancy. I would highly not recommend this to anybody who recently found out they were pregnant for the first time, Belly Laughs may make any first-time-pregnant woman freak out and have nightmares.

Belly Laughs is light, funny and almost like you are talking to your best friend on the subject of their pregnancy. It’s hardly a book for advice or medical information, but still, an enjoyable read.

Belly Laughs hasn’t swayed or changed my decision on not having children myself, but I find pregnancy and childbirth itself, very fascinating, and this was a very cute read.

Interview With The Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles #1)


My Rating: 3/5

Author: Anne Rice

I’ve basically steered clear of all things vampires and werewolfs after my awful experience reading Twilight. I’ve only read one other vampire-themed book, Let The Right One In, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I figured I’d give vampire books another shot.

I’ve never read anything by Anne Rice, all I’ve heard about her was her strong disapproval of fan fiction. Hey, kudos to her for being honest about her opinion on the bizarre world of fanfic, I’m sure J.K Rowling would be pretty creeped out by the R rated Snape/Harry fics floating around online, too.

Anyways, I did enjoy Rice’s writing style. I found it was quite descriptive, a style I know not everybody likes, but I personally do. I find it is much easier to get visuals of the scenery and characters that way. Speaking of the characters, they were all well written, none were the one-dimensional Mary Sue/Gary Stu types.

Plot-wise on the other hand, I found was very slow and not as exciting/face paced as I thought it would be. I did find it a challenge to get through some parts, as they were just plain dull.

This one personally, was just not my cup of tea. It was good, but I doubt I will continue with the series. I know there are tons of die-hard fans of the Vampire Chronicles, I just won’t be a new one joining the fandom.

That is all fine and good though, I’m busy enough being a Potterhead.

Painless Piercings

painless piercings

I picked these up at Chapter’s because they were in the impulse buy section just before the cash registers. While I do admire tattoos, piercings and body modifications, I never have any desire to permanently or semi-permantly alter my body. I’ve pierced my ears, but I am not interested in getting anything else done. I figured I would give these clip-on piercings a shot, since they can be used as nose piercings, lip piercings, eyebrow piercings and ear piercings. As soon as I tried them on, I was quite disappointed.


Needless to say, these plastic clip-on piercings suck. They were only five dollars, so I didn’t waste too much money, but seriously, they look beyond fake and they fall out all the time. You honestly couldn’t even use these as a prank, they just look that fake.

A complete waste of money, would not recommend to anybody.