AliExpress is the New Crack

So I’ve never been a huge online shopper. Apart from books, I rarely considered ordering anything online mainly because everything seemed so damn expensive. (And most of it still is.) I’m sure this has something to do with me working at a thrift store AND benefiting from the 50% off employee discount. Aka, I am not spending more than seven dollars on a t-shirt, no matter how cute it is.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.31.37 PM

This isn’t EVEN a cute t-shirt; and damn, then there is shipping as well. I rest my case.


There are many websites I love to browse such as Etsy and Storenvy. But unfortunately Etsy can be quite expensive because most of the items on that website ARE handmade, so the pricing is justified (most of the time.) Although, the shipping can get quite extreme. I saw a really cool zombie girdle the other day and the shipping ALONE was over 40 dollars.

And then out of nowhere, the solution to all my online shopping problems were resolved. It was the day AliExpress entered my life.



The first AliExpress wig I bought


Now, to be fair, if I stumbled across AliExpress with no prior knowledge, I would’ve easily assumed it was a scam website. Why? Because the website carries everything. And I mean, everything. Not only that, the prices are super low and almost everything comes with free shipping. Even though there is so much to choose from, the website offers tons of filters such as if the item is in your price range, the colour you are looking for, the material, style, if it comes with free shipping or not and more! Fortunately, one of my friends had purchased a few items from the site and was quite pleased with what they received, so I decided to give it a shot.



An American Horror Story t-shirt for five dollars


AliExpress is basically my worst nightmare at the same time. Because so much on that website is cheap and the shipping is free, I tend to spend WAY too much too fast. When you buy 9 things that are each five dollars you are still spending 45 dollars, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time!

I’ve mostly been getting into their wigs. The selection is massive, and the wigs can run super low. (I got one for five dollars with free shipping, naturally.)


^This is the one^

Of course, like anything when you shop online, you have to be smart. Check the ratings and reviews for the item. I never order something off the website that doesn’t a decent amount of positive ratings/reviews. I also like to check how long the “shop” has been open on the website.


I got this meter long wig for eleven dollars and the black lipstick for one dollar


The downside to this website? You pay with your time. You can be waiting up to a couple of months for your items to come, and at least none of my items have come with a tracking number. However, some of my items have come in just a couple of weeks, so the shipping time will vary. If you don’t mind waiting the extra weeks to save money, then AliExpress is for you!


My favourtie wig so far

Girdle Review from Coco’sRetroCloset!

I’ve been pining for a girdle for a while now, and after months of image binging on gorgeous vintage lingerie I can now say I own one.

I had the initial fear that the girdle I would receive in the mail would not be the same one that I saw on the screen, but I am pleased to report that the two looked exactly the same.


It’s comfy, cute and gets its job done by making my butt look perky and wonderful. It can be worn as the everyday underwear garment or a whole new spin wearing it as a sexy miniskirt.

I highly recommend Coco’sRetroCloset, and will purchase again from them without a doubt. (Maybe the matching bra this time?)

For now, I am quite positive that retro lingerie is going to be adding onto my never-ending lingerie collection :p

The Forest


Going into this movie, I kind of expected it to be a piece of shit.

Of course, I still stand by believing that basing a horror/supernatural thriller on an actual forest where real people do go to end their lives is not only disrespectful but quite trashy.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer of The Forest, it’s about a young American woman named Sarah who has a nightmare about her identical twin sister, Jess. Sarah finds out Jess was last seen going into the Aokigahara forest; where people go to commit suicide. Still convinced her twin is alive, Sarah flies over to Japan in search of her sister. (Because twin telepathy hasn’t been overdone or anything.)

Okay, number one, how many people can realistically drop all their shit after a single nightmare and hop on a plane and travel across the world. Maybe Hollywood writers are so loaded nowadays they assume that every day people can just fly across the country with ease, or this is just a poor plot hole, who knows.

Honestly, this movie wasn’t THAT bad. There were some good pop up scenes, the actors are decent yadada.

I just feel this movie could be SO much better had this movie not been white-washed. I mean, there really is no good reason why the main characters had to be white. The plot would’ve made way more sense had the main characters been Japanese, but that couldn’t happen because y’know, Hollywood.

It was creepy, was it really essential that the movie had to be set in the Aokigahara forest? Probably not, but maybe the controversy was needed to get people to go see it in the first place.

Meh. It could’ve been better, but at the same time, it wasn’t the worst of thrillers I have seen.


No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine


Authors: Brooks Brown and Rob Merritt

My Rating: 5/5


Columbine. One of the worst and well known school shootings in North America. Years later, the same question still lingers: Why?

Brooks Brown and Rob Merritt attempt to explain some of the reasons what could have led the two high school seniors (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold,) to plan and take out a massacre at their very own high school before turning the guns on themselves.

Like the title states, there are “no easy answers,” as to what caused the boys to commit such a crime, but I found this book to be very informative and compelling.

If you’ve seen any Columbine documentaries, chances are you have seen Brooks Brown being interviewed. He was not only just a student at Columbine at the time of the massacre, but also a childhood best friend to one the shooters, Dylan Klebold. Brooks also had a long history with Eric Harris.

I honestly feel this is one of the best true crime novels I have ever read. Some of it does have to due with the fact that the authors knew the shooters personally; but most of it was because of Brooks being able to recount the warning signs the boys displayed before the shooting  as well as explaining the truth about the bullying in Columbine and what it was like to be an outcast (like Eric and Dylan.)

There are so many theories as to “why” Eric and Dylan did what they did. Some claim it’s the graphic and grotesque video games that kids are playing these days. Some say it’s the obscene musical lyrics that blast on the radio now. Others say it’s the easy access to guns.

In my opinion, something so complex as teenagers being motivated to shoot up their school and committing suicide afterwards would never be driven be a single factor. We may never know what exactly was going through the minds of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as they planned out their killing spree. Then again, maybe that is just why this case has been talked about for so long. Almost two decades later and people are still trying to look for answers. There may be answers, but they certainly will not be “easy.” In the end, all we can do now is speculate and wonder.

Stage Kitten-ing and Meeting Adore Delano?!!

I have a very brief but very exciting blog post to share with you guys!

Who can say their first time ever being a stage kitten happened to be in the same show as the freaking fabulous and fierce Adore Delano? (You know, the one who tied second place on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Excuse me…I need a moment.


Alright, I believe I am okay. For those unfamiliar with the term “stage kitten,” it is simply the person who picks up the costume pieces and props when burlesque performers have finished their routines. While ‘stage kitten’ sounds like a fancy term for a stage hand, kittens are actually part of the performance. You have to be sexy, flirty and play up with the audience while on stage..

Despite it being my first time, I did not screw up or fall flat on my face while walking on stage in 4 inch heels. It was also nice to have such a close view of the stage.

And to top off my wonderful kitten-ing debut, I got to meet the star of the show. (I actually made her laugh!! Eeek!!!) She was an awesome, flawless queen.



Needless today, it was an awesome night.

How to Answer Annoying Holiday Questions

I don’t like the holidays for the very specific reason that my extended family members seem to think that I am comfortable answering their questions that may SEEM simple small talk questions, but really annoy me to no end.

Who I am dating, my future career goals and such, really are not something I would like to talk about. Dude, lets talk about dogs, memes, what manga you are reading, etc. Lets talk about a serial killer you just learned about, but please do not ask me about big life questions that I currently don’t, and may not know the answer to, for quite a while.

Unless I bring some date with me to dinner, (which I can’t simply because dating two people at once is blasphemy to my mother, therefor they are dead to her.)

Here is the thing, at my age, I honestly don’t know what I want for a career just yet. I like my job right now, I may not plan on keeping it for the rest of my life, but shouldn’t that be fine on its own for now?

Who knows. Either way, the questions come up each year, so I’ve come up with answers that maybe you can use when your Aunt or annoying cousin asks why you are the dateless wonder this Christmas night. Most of these will shut them up.


Question: “How is school going? Picked a major yet?”

Possible Answers:

  • “Good. Just good. Next question?”
  • “I’m deciding between majoring in Classics or Psychology. I know the odds of being a Classics prof or a shrink are slim to none, but so is getting a job with any arts degree.”
  • “I finally learned the difference between your and you’re.”


Question: “So what do you think you want to do with the rest of your life?”

Possible Answers:

  • “I’m really thinking of getting into pole dancing, I never was good at the Pythagorean theorem anyways.”
  • “I am starting an exclusive religious group and I think will be life-changing. God has recently started talking to me about it is my calling to build a heaven-on-earth cult…erm…community.”
  • “I don’t fucking know man, probably smoke a lot of dope and dance with the many dogs I plan on fostering.”
  • “I’m 100% set on having as many kids  as I can so my baby daddies and I can be the new 19 Kids and Counting on TLC. Did you hear they got cancelled because Josh molested five girls, excluding his own sisters?”


Question: “Anybody special you have been seeing lately?”

Possible Answers:

  • “I’m volunteering at a retirement home, and I really think I’ve found the one there, I see him every second day, and I help change his diapers. We’re so much closer then ever before.”
  • “I’m still dating One Direction even though they are on hiatus and don’t know I exist. Nothing has changed over the past year, they are my gods. Want to say a prayer with me for Zayn to join 1D again? I brought a poster of him we can worship him together.”
  • “My prof is pretty special, the amount of spit he shares with students who sit in the front row is incredible.”


That is all for now, for I must go and get ready myself for my fancy family Christmas Eve dinner.

I hope your family holiday gatherings will be as painless as possible 🙂


“My Broken Bone,” A Cringeworthy Story

The semester is almost over for me, and for one class we had to give an oral business presentation today. (I’m taking business communications 1.) The presentation could be about marketing, businesses and their histories or human resources; because our class is about communication in BUSINESS.

That would be pretty straight forward, right?

I would have thought so too.

Not according to one of my fellow students who decided to tell us his emotional and distressing time of when he broke his leg and later his parents “ditched” him.

I shit you not.

I’m going to call this idiotic student Joe, which may or may not be his actual name.

So, Joe started off his so-called “business” presentation by talking about how playing hockey was his entire life and what teams he played for and what position he was. (Right wing.) At the beginning, I thought this was some beginning to a marketing presentation on hockey of some sort.

But no, I was wrong. His ENTIRE presentation was about him surviving the ordeal of breaking his leg while he was playing hockey, and to only find out his parents were leaving him to volunteer at the Olympics.

Ok, so number one, his parents never ditched him, obviously they had planned to volunteer at the Olympics long before his broken bone incident. Nobody just drops all their shit at once and flies off to another country to volunteer. Well some people can, but not most.

Two, how does this have anything to do with breaking his leg? These seem like two separate points that have nothing in common.

As if that was ridiculous enough, he had a conclusion slide, as if that was needed, which it wasn’t.

His conclusion?

  1. If you’re a parent, don’t ditch your kid.
  2. Don’t break a bone, especially your leg.


Dude, why? What the hell were you smoking? This just doesn’t make any sense.

And to wrap all this up, let us take a look at this very deep, meaningful and above all “business” related slide:


Ok, so he “had to take the bus to school.” Heavens! So do I, just like everyone else who doesn’t have their own damn car.

“I was in a wheel chair.” He spelt wheelchair wrong.

“My parents ditched me.” As explained above, they never ditched him as he had many other family members to look after him while they were volunteering.

I guess I really wish I asked Joe if this has been his most traumatic event in his life, because if it is, he better consider himself fucking lucky.