A Quiet Place

a quiet place

I haven’t been to the movies at all lately. Since school has ended for my sister and I we decided to go see a movie last night.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this movie. How can a movie be good when the main characters have to be silent in order to survive?

I was pleasantly surprised. For one, I think the length of the movie was just perfect. I’m not keen on 2 1/2 hour movies in theatres. This one was only about 1 1/2, and it was great. There was no lulls or pointless fluff.

Visually, it was great. Though it was quiet, it kept my interest from the very beginning to the end and I automatically fell in love with the characters.

Overall, it was a great movie, and was way better than I expected.


Cozy Mysteries Master List!

Recently I have been getting into the cozy mystery sub-genre. Cozy mysteries are essentially a section for mysteries that are on the lighter side. While murder is a common theme, violence and grotesque descriptions are usually not mentioned or very lightly touched upon in these books.

I especially have gotten into the paranormal side of cozy mysteries, which I first found on this awesome website. 

It is a master list of all cozy mysteries that are split into different themes. Besides paranormal mysteries the website gives you suggestions on specific topics like pet cozy mysteries and holiday cozy mysteries. Looking for something spooky to read for Halloween? You will find many on The Cozy Mystery List. 

Cheap Makeup Removal Wipes!

When I have finished a closing shift I usually get home around 10:30 pm. I’m hungry, tired and frankly, at that hour, I just don’t want to thoroughly wash my face with a washcloth and soap to scrub the makeup off my face. I also have to wash the washcloth and rinse the makeup out after I’m done as well. Otherwise, I would have to face the morning wrath of my mother for leaving a foundation covered washcloth in the sink. I know, I’m super lazy.

So, I turn to makeup remover wipes in time of need. The thing is, I find they are pretty damn expensive. For example, at Walmart, a pack of 25 NEUTROGENA® makeup wipes costs you 10 dollars. 

But do not fear, for I have found the cheapest and best deal on makeup removal wipes. For me at least. (If you have any other good deals on cheap makeup wipe cleansers be sure to comment on this blog post below!!)

For a while, I was buying makeup wipes at Forever 21. These cost roughly 6 dollars, for a pack of 60 wipes. YES, not 25 wipes, but 60! 


The one above was one of the kind I would frequently buy. They had all kinds of different scents besides this one. They were decent, cheap and would get the job done. However, they were nowhere near perfect. I would often find they were dryer than other makeup wipes I had tried out, and sometimes, they were just too dry. At the end of the day though, they were fine, and there were 60 of them. I really couldn’t complain.

A few months ago, I was dismayed to find out Forever 21 did not sell this line of makeup wipes anymore. I was very worried they were just going to be selling their small 30 makeup remover wipe sets. 30 wipes is still good and all, but you get a much better deal getting the 60 piece one since it was only a couple of dollars more than the 30 piece.

Last week I visited Forever 21 and was super pumped to find out they were back to selling their 60 wipe set. Forever 21’s makeup Love & Beauty label was still stamped on the packaging; but the design and name of the wipes were different and cost 8 dollars instead of the original 6. I still didn’t hesitate to pick one up to test out.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 3.37.43 PM

Behold, my new favourite item at Forever 21.


I am very glad I did. These wipes are so much better than the previous ones I used to purchase. They are better because, sigh, they are perfectly….moist. I cringe as I type this out. (I really hate that word and I hate to use it, but I must in this case.)

They take the makeup off much easier than the ones I used to use and they smell way better. They are a bit more expensive, but heck, 60 wipes for 8 dollars is still an awesome deal compared to 25 NEUTROGENA® wipes for 10 dollars. (And that is how much they cost at Walmart. Can you imagine how much they must cost at Shoppers Drugmart?!)

I try to minimize the waste I cause, so I don’t use makeup wipes every day. But if you are like me and get home late from work some days and just want to hit the hay without covering your pillowcase with makeup, these are a great life hack. Especially for those on a budget.


Girdle Review from Coco’sRetroCloset!

I’ve been pining for a girdle for a while now, and after months of image binging on gorgeous vintage lingerie I can now say I own one.

I had the initial fear that the girdle I would receive in the mail would not be the same one that I saw on the screen, but I am pleased to report that the two looked exactly the same.


It’s comfy, cute and gets its job done by making my butt look perky and wonderful. It can be worn as the everyday underwear garment or a whole new spin wearing it as a sexy miniskirt.

I highly recommend Coco’sRetroCloset, and will purchase again from them without a doubt. (Maybe the matching bra this time?)

For now, I am quite positive that retro lingerie is going to be adding onto my never-ending lingerie collection :p



The Forest


Going into this movie, I kind of expected it to be a piece of shit.

Of course, I still stand by believing that basing a horror/supernatural thriller on an actual forest where real people do go to end their lives is not only disrespectful but quite trashy.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer of The Forest, it’s about a young American woman named Sarah who has a nightmare about her identical twin sister, Jess. Sarah finds out Jess was last seen going into the Aokigahara forest; where people go to commit suicide. Still convinced her twin is alive, Sarah flies over to Japan in search of her sister. (Because twin telepathy hasn’t been overdone or anything.)

Okay, number one, how many people can realistically drop all their shit after a single nightmare and hop on a plane and travel across the world. Maybe Hollywood writers are so loaded nowadays they assume that every day people can just fly across the country with ease, or this is just a poor plot hole, who knows.

Honestly, this movie wasn’t THAT bad. There were some good pop up scenes, the actors are decent yadada.

I just feel this movie could be SO much better had this movie not been white-washed. I mean, there really is no good reason why the main characters had to be white. The plot would’ve made way more sense had the main characters been Japanese, but that couldn’t happen because y’know, Hollywood.

It was creepy, was it really essential that the movie had to be set in the Aokigahara forest? Probably not, but maybe the controversy was needed to get people to go see it in the first place.

Meh. It could’ve been better, but at the same time, it wasn’t the worst of thrillers I have seen.


“My Broken Bone,” A Cringeworthy Story

The semester is almost over for me, and for one class we had to give an oral business presentation today. (I’m taking business communications 1.) The presentation could be about marketing, businesses and their histories or human resources; because our class is about communication in BUSINESS.

That would be pretty straight forward, right?

I would have thought so too.

Not according to one of my fellow students who decided to tell us his emotional and distressing time of when he broke his leg and later his parents “ditched” him.

I shit you not.

I’m going to call this idiotic student Joe, which may or may not be his actual name.

So, Joe started off his so-called “business” presentation by talking about how playing hockey was his entire life and what teams he played for and what position he was. (Right wing.) At the beginning, I thought this was some beginning to a marketing presentation on hockey of some sort.

But no, I was wrong. His ENTIRE presentation was about him surviving the ordeal of breaking his leg while he was playing hockey, and to only find out his parents were leaving him to volunteer at the Olympics.

Ok, so number one, his parents never ditched him, obviously they had planned to volunteer at the Olympics long before his broken bone incident. Nobody just drops all their shit at once and flies off to another country to volunteer. Well some people can, but not most.

Two, how does this have anything to do with breaking his leg? These seem like two separate points that have nothing in common.

As if that was ridiculous enough, he had a conclusion slide, as if that was needed, which it wasn’t.

His conclusion?

  1. If you’re a parent, don’t ditch your kid.
  2. Don’t break a bone, especially your leg.


Dude, why? What the hell were you smoking? This just doesn’t make any sense.

And to wrap all this up, let us take a look at this very deep, meaningful and above all “business” related slide:


Ok, so he “had to take the bus to school.” Heavens! So do I, just like everyone else who doesn’t have their own damn car.

“I was in a wheel chair.” He spelt wheelchair wrong.

“My parents ditched me.” As explained above, they never ditched him as he had many other family members to look after him while they were volunteering.

I guess I really wish I asked Joe if this has been his most traumatic event in his life, because if it is, he better consider himself fucking lucky.




Dear Parents

dear parents

The title should really be: Dear Lazy-Ass Parents Who Think It Is My Job To Parent Your Own Kid, but that just didn’t have the same short ring to it.

I am a cashier. That’s it, a minimum wage, entry level job. That would seem pretty straight forward, right? You put the crap you want to buy on my counter, I scan your shit and bag it, you pay, I then tell you to have a good day (most of the time however, I wish the opposite,) and finally our transaction is complete. I also help clean the store and repeat the same scripted announcements on the intercom. (One announcement ever fifteen minutes or you’re in a deep shit.)

At any rate, it has come to my attention there is a certain type of parent who rather is 1.) Too lazy to deal with a crying toddler when they say no to them or 2.) They seem to think part of my job is helping raise their child. Oh, my dreams would be set if my store suddenly stopped selling toys; or at least put the toys on a higher shelf. But nope, the toys are on shelves just above the ground, easily accessible for sticky and nose-picking fingers.

Once the kid has found their way to the toy section and found a beautiful second hand stuffed animal or whatever piece of shit they set the heart on that day, the parent decides they will let their kid carry around the toy they so desperately need during their shopping experience because they are too damn lazy to tell their kid that you don’t get a present every day.

THEN when they get to the check out (aka: my register,) the horrible moment comes that the parent just has to tell their kid they aren’t getting that crap toy they so dearly love. Instead of giving their child a firm “no,” they look at ME and expect ME to take the toy away and tell THEIR kid they aren’t getting that toy. I then get an explosion of crying and tantrums. Then the parent tells me to just take the toy away from their screaming kid.

Dude, I’m not going to forcefully take a toy out of a toddler’s hands. First of all, this is YOUR child, not mine. It is YOUR responsibility to teach YOUR kid that sometimes you don’t get everything you want in this world.

Honestly, this has absolutely nothing to do with little kids. They are born egocentric, all little kids are. However, it is YOUR job to raise your child. Now, if I was a kindergarten teacher or daycare worker, then yes, my job would involve help raise children but if we refer to the beginning of this post I am only a cashier.

Bottom line, dealing with bratty kids is not in my job description.

You signed up for that the day you decided to become a parent.

End of Rant.