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A Serial Killers Pathfinder

Introductory Materials:

serial killer

Brogaard, Berit. “What Defines A Serial Killer?”. Psychology Today, 2017, Accessed 16 Apr 2018.

So what does define a serial killer? Check out the article to learn what characteristics are involved in defining a serial killer.

Search Terms:

When using google, try these terms:

Serial Killers  (Highly Relevant)

Serial Killings  (Highly Relevant)

Spree Murders  (Relevant)

Mass Murders   (Related)

Serial Murderers  (Main subject heading)

Subject Headings:

When choosing subject headings, consider using the following ones:

Serial murderers

Women serial murderers

Serial murderers in popular culture 

Call Numbers:

Dewey Decimal System: 364.15232

The True Crime section is mainly 364.1. However, there are many different kinds of…

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Landing Your First Job

You’ve babysat. Maybe you have mowed the lawns or shovelled snow to make some extra cash. But now, you are sixteen and want to find your first entry-level job.

I figured I’d shed some light on how I got my first job and where I made my mistakes looking for one. I would like to start off by saying I have never worked as a waitress, so I have no experience in getting a job as one. I only have worked retail, so I can only give tips on how to get a job in that area.

I was eighteen when I got my first job, so that helps a lot. Some companies only hire people who are legal adults. Sometimes this is because there are labour laws for children that limit how many hours they can work. These restrictions can just cause annoying limits when it comes to scheduling their staff; something managers would rather avoid altogether, hence they would rather choose an adult over a minor. Other times, it is simply because of the law. For example, 7-11 sells cigarettes and lottery tickets; a minor cannot sell as well as purchase these items.

So, if you are under 18 and looking for your first job, I highly recommend you search out the minimum age to work at companies before handing in your resumes to them. This will save you a lot of time and you can minimize which companies you should even bother turning your resume in to.

The main thing I want teenagers to understand when it comes to getting their first job is you must be willing to understand that your first job is not going to be your first choice. Or your second. Maybe not even your third. The majority of people start off at McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King or another typical fast food chain.

When I was handing out resumes looking for my first job, I made the mistake by turning in my resume to clothing stores that I liked to shop at. The amount of teenage girls who hand in resumes at stores such as Forever 21, American Eagle and Garage must be endless. Most of these stores also prefer to have people with prior customer service experience. So, the chance of you landing for your first job at your favourite clothing store is slim to none. (Unless of course, you personally know the manager of the store or if you have a friend who works there already that could refer you. Connections are after all, everything.)

The best places for teens to look to for their first jobs should be fast food joints or chain companies with cashier positions. My first job was as a cashier at Superstore. This was not a fun job. Actually, it sucked a ton. Having to stand in the exact same spot for 5 hours; dealing with grumpy old people complaining about the prices of cherries….I don’t have any fond memories to look back on at that place. However, this job taught me the basic ropes of being a cashier, and it gave me a solid year of customer service experience; something most stores considers essential before even looking at the rest of your resume.

TL;DR? Your first job will not be your first choice, and you probably won’t like it, but you need to start off somewhere so you can get that work reference to put on your resume as well as customer service experience. That way, you can move up to more ideal customer service positions.

If you have any tips of your own for getting your first job, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

AliExpress is the New Crack

So I’ve never been a huge online shopper. Apart from books, I rarely considered ordering anything online mainly because everything seemed so damn expensive. (And most of it still is.) I’m sure this has something to do with me working at a thrift store AND benefiting from the 50% off employee discount. Aka, I am not spending more than seven dollars on a t-shirt, no matter how cute it is.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.31.37 PM

This isn’t EVEN a cute t-shirt; and damn, then there is shipping as well. I rest my case.


There are many websites I love to browse such as Etsy and Storenvy. But unfortunately Etsy can be quite expensive because most of the items on that website ARE handmade, so the pricing is justified (most of the time.) Although, the shipping can get quite extreme. I saw a really cool zombie girdle the other day and the shipping ALONE was over 40 dollars.

And then out of nowhere, the solution to all my online shopping problems were resolved. It was the day AliExpress entered my life.



The first AliExpress wig I bought


Now, to be fair, if I stumbled across AliExpress with no prior knowledge, I would’ve easily assumed it was a scam website. Why? Because the website carries everything. And I mean, everything. Not only that, the prices are super low and almost everything comes with free shipping. Even though there is so much to choose from, the website offers tons of filters such as if the item is in your price range, the colour you are looking for, the material, style, if it comes with free shipping or not and more! Fortunately, one of my friends had purchased a few items from the site and was quite pleased with what they received, so I decided to give it a shot.



An American Horror Story t-shirt for five dollars


AliExpress is basically my worst nightmare at the same time. Because so much on that website is cheap and the shipping is free, I tend to spend WAY too much too fast. When you buy 9 things that are each five dollars you are still spending 45 dollars, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time!

I’ve mostly been getting into their wigs. The selection is massive, and the wigs can run super low. (I got one for five dollars with free shipping, naturally.)


^This is the one^

Of course, like anything when you shop online, you have to be smart. Check the ratings and reviews for the item. I never order something off the website that doesn’t a decent amount of positive ratings/reviews. I also like to check how long the “shop” has been open on the website.


I got this meter long wig for eleven dollars and the black lipstick for one dollar


The downside to this website? You pay with your time. You can be waiting up to a couple of months for your items to come, and at least none of my items have come with a tracking number. However, some of my items have come in just a couple of weeks, so the shipping time will vary. If you don’t mind waiting the extra weeks to save money, then AliExpress is for you!


My favourtie wig so far

How to Answer Annoying Holiday Questions

I don’t like the holidays for the very specific reason that my extended family members seem to think that I am comfortable answering their questions that may SEEM simple small talk questions, but really annoy me to no end.

Who I am dating, my future career goals and such, really are not something I would like to talk about. Dude, lets talk about dogs, memes, what manga you are reading, etc. Lets talk about a serial killer you just learned about, but please do not ask me about big life questions that I currently don’t, and may not know the answer to, for quite a while.

Unless I bring some date with me to dinner, (which I can’t simply because dating two people at once is blasphemy to my mother, therefor they are dead to her.)

Here is the thing, at my age, I honestly don’t know what I want for a career just yet. I like my job right now, I may not plan on keeping it for the rest of my life, but shouldn’t that be fine on its own for now?

Who knows. Either way, the questions come up each year, so I’ve come up with answers that maybe you can use when your Aunt or annoying cousin asks why you are the dateless wonder this Christmas night. Most of these will shut them up.


Question: “How is school going? Picked a major yet?”

Possible Answers:

  • “Good. Just good. Next question?”
  • “I’m deciding between majoring in Classics or Psychology. I know the odds of being a Classics prof or a shrink are slim to none, but so is getting a job with any arts degree.”
  • “I finally learned the difference between your and you’re.”


Question: “So what do you think you want to do with the rest of your life?”

Possible Answers:

  • “I’m really thinking of getting into pole dancing, I never was good at the Pythagorean theorem anyways.”
  • “I am starting an exclusive religious group and I think will be life-changing. God has recently started talking to me about it is my calling to build a heaven-on-earth cult…erm…community.”
  • “I don’t fucking know man, probably smoke a lot of dope and dance with the many dogs I plan on fostering.”
  • “I’m 100% set on having as many kids  as I can so my baby daddies and I can be the new 19 Kids and Counting on TLC. Did you hear they got cancelled because Josh molested five girls, excluding his own sisters?”


Question: “Anybody special you have been seeing lately?”

Possible Answers:

  • “I’m volunteering at a retirement home, and I really think I’ve found the one there, I see him every second day, and I help change his diapers. We’re so much closer then ever before.”
  • “I’m still dating One Direction even though they are on hiatus and don’t know I exist. Nothing has changed over the past year, they are my gods. Want to say a prayer with me for Zayn to join 1D again? I brought a poster of him we can worship him together.”
  • “My prof is pretty special, the amount of spit he shares with students who sit in the front row is incredible.”


That is all for now, for I must go and get ready myself for my fancy family Christmas Eve dinner.

I hope your family holiday gatherings will be as painless as possible 🙂


Time Outs are Not Just for Toddlers

I get it, we all at one point in our lives have lived with someone who we sometimes can not stand. Maybe it’s your super conservative grandmother who comes and visits your family every summer and her old fashioned beliefs turn to insults that make you bite your tongue while you are silently fuming inside.

Or maybe it’s your roommate who criticizes you for leaving a shirt on the ground when they barely even bring their own dirty dishes to the sink, let alone wash them.

You know them, the one person that you just can’t stand sometimes; but no matter what, you are stuck because of your living arrangements with them, at least for now. Unless you’re the rich and famous, one can not just pack up and leave in one night.

At any rate, living arrangements can be quite difficult. Chores, curfews, cooking, bathroom space, they all come with challenges. Challenges and disagreements that can lead to arguments, which can lead to anger. Anger itself, is a secondary emotion, and is built on other feelings. Maybe the anger came from frustration, sadness, guilt or maybe a combination of more than one emotion, depending on the circumstance.

Everyone responds to anger differently, but for me personally, I tend to not rationalize my thoughts well when I am angry. I can also get quite self destructive when my anger is built off of guilt and shame, so I take out the anger on myself. Guilt-anger can be quite unhealthy, and at times dangerous for me, so I’ve found it is best to escape from the situation as soon as possible.

The simplest and most effective solution I have found is something many believe are only for bratty young children, time outs.

Time outs in this situation would be leaving the heated argument or situation for a set amount of time for the purpose of cooling oneself down. The time length could vary from ten minutes to an hour and this can be done in several different ways, depending on the person. Exercise, listening to music, cleaning, writing in a journal, watching a funny movie, praying, going for a walk outside or maybe just taking a nap.

The importance of calming down, I have found, is very important when anger is sparked from a very strong emotion. The least effective way to solve any issue with someone is when you are all high strung and upset. Simply stating that you “want to take a time out” and will be back in half an hour or so, should be enough of an explanation to give to someone who you are in a heated discussion or argument with.

Getting along with others you cohabit with can be very challenging at times, but finding coping mechanisms can help tremendously.

So what are some of your emotional coping strategies you have found work well for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Travelling Necessities: International Trips


I actually did see the Queen while visiting London, it was so epic.

Everyone has a different view on what their perfect vacation would be. Some would rather live in a beach house and spend their days lounging in the ocean or tanning beside pools. Others may prefer to spend their vacation in amusement parks.

For me, I absolutely adore visiting Europe. The history, the old buildings, the food, culture, oh I’m beginning to miss France already.

Most of my holidays have been full of museums, galleries, long walks, old churches and palaces in Europe, so my travelling necessities will be geared towards those going on trips similar to mine.

 Comfy Shoes

I can not stress the importance of comfy footwear. While fashion may ordinarily be high on your priorities, it won’t when you will spend hours walking around new cities and towns. NOOO flip flops or snazzy, strappy sandals. Broken into sneakers or runners are your best bet.

 International power adapter

Even if you are not an internet whiz, you will need something to recharge your camera with. Make sure you bring two just in case one breaks down or gets lost.

A comfy satchel/purse

Normally, I would recommend backpacks just because they are more efficient. The issue is, a lot of galleries and museums will not allow you to bring a backpack, but purses are fine. Make sure your satchel is durable, strong and has zippers as well as pockets.

A light cardigan or long sleeved button up shirt

Even if your vacation is going to take place in the summer, it is very important to bring an extra layer when you are visiting religious locations. Several churches will require you wear sleeves to enter, or at least have your shoulders covered up. I also suggest wearing capris over short shorts. This isn’t about slut shaming, it’s about showing respect for the religious building you are visiting.

 Twist ties

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really trust anyone once my luggage is shipped away; you never know who could slip their hands into your suitcase or big backpack. I like to use twist ties to tie up the zippers together, as they will most likely not have enough time to untwist a bunch of twist ties to check what is in your bag.

Garbage bags/disposable shopping bags

These are great for separating dirty and clean clothes. It’s also to have a mini garbage bag on the go.

 Hand sanitizer

While travelling through several time zones, you will spend a fair amount of time in airports. Wash your hands as much as you can to avoid germs. A mini hand sanitizer to bring with your carry on will help as well.


If you’re a reader like me, kindles and kobos are from the travel gods. Being able to keep hundreds of books in one light little ebook is just amazing and so much better than lugging three books from airport to train station.

5 Strange and Dark Things I Like

I’ll admit that I like some pretty odd stuff. (Don’t judge me.) If you are reading this, perhaps you are bored and are looking for something twisted or just plain different to do. I give advanced notice these activities are NSFW.

1.) /r/Gore on Reddit


Want to watch a real-life video on a gruesome abortion? Interested in watching the stages of facial decomposition? A graphic photo set of a murdered women with multiple stab wounds?

All of these can be found on the uncensored, creepy and sometimes just plain gross subreddit.

Similar subreddits include: /r/WatchPeopleDie and /r/Deformed

2.) Being Chris Hanson.


Okay, maybe you won’t have Perverted Justice or Dateline, but you sure can find dirty old men wanting to hook up with young teens. The internet is batshit crazy as it always has been, and with the anonymity of the internet continuing to give predators a sense of security, why not spook them?

It is dead easy to set up a fake profile posing to be an underage teenager in a free chatroom, but it’s even easier to attract creeps. There is no perfect formula to this, all you have to do when you start chatting is to make it very clear how old you are supposed to be. (13, 14, 15 years old, whatever you want, as long as they are under 18.) After some brief chatting, it is highly likely these adult men (or women, but mostly men,) will bring up a sexual conversation. Continue to innocently flirt or chat back. If you keep the conversation going they may ask for your email address or Kik. Be sure you create a fake email/kik account prior to chatting. Give your account information to them and after they send you a message or email, send them back a legit looking email or message from a cop or police officer on how you know they were inappropriately speaking to an underage minor.

They will freak out, and you’ll be trolling the grossest slime balls ever at the same time.

3.) Building a Sims Cemetery


I kind of have a creepy liking of drowning several sims at once to get more gravestones and ghosts to haunt my Sims home. The easiest and quickest way to build your own Sims cemetery is to adopt a bunch of Sims kids. That sounds really awful, but impregnating your Sim, giving birth, raising it through infancy and toddlerhood to childhood is tedious and time consuming, so it is much easier to adopt a lot of Sims kids and drown them all at once.

In case you don’t know how, once you have your Sims kids in the pool and swimming, build a wall all around the pool so they can’t escape. Speed up the time and they will eventually drown.

For some reason, the Sims adoption agency will appear to not notice that you have already adopted tons of kids and they have all gone missing. #SimsLogic.

4.) Creating a Cult


I’m a creative person who loves writing, doodling and photography. All of my creative ideas end up in one of my many cheap notebooks and sometimes I just love inventing a disturbing and brainwashed community.

It’s very amusing to create the self-appointed messiah or leader and to come up with their history and what lead them to starting up a cult. There is no right or wrong way of creating an odd or out of place religious sect, plus it is a very fun creative writing exercise too!

5.) And last but not least, anything this website has to offer.


Enjoy! 🙂