Why I Hate Sephora (And Other Social Anxiety Issues)

I’m not a huge makeup person.

I don’t watch makeup tutorials on youtube, I never try new makeup looks for fun. I really don’t bother to make my eyebrows perfect. I tried to apply eyeliner a couple of times when I was fifteen and after failing every time I gave up out of frustration.

All I really care about is making sure I have the ride shade of concealer/foundation and powder that matches my pale skin and something that can cover the dark rings under my eyes. (Psst! You can check out my makeup tips for the pale here.)

I am a very basic makeup person, now that I think of it. I only learned how to apply makeup when I was eighteen. Some little girls love trying their mom’s makeup since they can walk. I was not one of those girls.

So as never being a makeup person, I never bothered to step into Sephora until I just had to check out the latest popular Naked pallet. (I did end up being the 2nd Naked pallet in the end.)

However, I can firmly say that I still hate Sephora. I don’t hate the people or the products; I Just hate the atmosphere and the anxiety I feel while I’m in the store. This is nothing to do with the friendly people who work at Sephora, I just hate it from a combination of 4 things.

  1. My Social Anxiety
  2. Being in a store full of expensive brand items
  3. Being in a store full of items I don’t really care about or know nothing about.
  4. Being in a store where multiple sales associates try to help you/buy stuff. (I don’t know if people who work at Sephora have to make a quota or not.)

I have always been an anxious and shy person. I was diagnosed with social anxiety when I was a teenager. Over the years I have been gradually working on it, and it has been getting better. While I am much better talking to strangers than I did before, some specific encounters still spike up my social anxiety. My social anxiety is heavily (if not always) the concerns of bothering/upsetting other people due to what I say and how I act. I still am very anxious when a sales associate will ask me if I need help. To generally avoid this altogether, I tend to avoid stores that sell expensive items. If the products are cheap, sales associates don’t have to try to charm their customers into buying the items vs sales associates that sell the high-end expensive stuff, if you get what I mean.

I’m always browsing but saying that makes me feel guilty. It’s a sales associate job to help their customers, so I often feel like they think poorly of me when I shoot them down for help.

Also, because I am the farthest from being a beauty guru, I know I am a massive beginner when it comes to makeup. Hell, I don’t even know how to contour my face! Don’t twelve-year-olds know how to do this nowadays?

Stepping into Sephora makes me feel like an outsider more than anything. I am constantly paranoid the people who work there and shop there are secretly judging my minimal makeup skills. Of course, I know this sounds really ridiculous but hey, gotta love anxiety, right?


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