Stage Kitten-ing and Meeting Adore Delano?!!

I have a very brief but very exciting blog post to share with you guys!

Who can say their first time ever being a stage kitten happened to be in the same show as the freaking fabulous and fierce Adore Delano? (You know, the one who tied second place on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Excuse me…I need a moment.


Alright, I believe I am okay. For those unfamiliar with the term “stage kitten,” it is simply the person who picks up the costume pieces and props when burlesque performers have finished their routines. While ‘stage kitten’ sounds like a fancy term for a stage hand, kittens are actually part of the performance. You have to be sexy, flirty and play up with the audience while on stage..

Despite it being my first time, I did not screw up or fall flat on my face while walking on stage in 4 inch heels. It was also nice to have such a close view of the stage.

And to top off my wonderful kitten-ing debut, I got to meet the star of the show. (I actually made her laugh!! Eeek!!!) She was an awesome, flawless queen.



Needless today, it was an awesome night.


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