Dear Parents

dear parents

The title should really be: Dear Lazy-Ass Parents Who Think It Is My Job To Parent Your Own Kid, but that just didn’t have the same short ring to it.

I am a cashier. That’s it, a minimum wage, entry level job. That would seem pretty straight forward, right? You put the crap you want to buy on my counter, I scan your shit and bag it, you pay, I then tell you to have a good day (most of the time however, I wish the opposite,) and finally our transaction is complete. I also help clean the store and repeat the same scripted announcements on the intercom. (One announcement ever fifteen minutes or you’re in a deep shit.)

At any rate, it has come to my attention there is a certain type of parent who rather is 1.) Too lazy to deal with a crying toddler when they say no to them or 2.) They seem to think part of my job is helping raise their child. Oh, my dreams would be set if my store suddenly stopped selling toys; or at least put the toys on a higher shelf. But nope, the toys are on shelves just above the ground, easily accessible for sticky and nose-picking fingers.

Once the kid has found their way to the toy section and found a beautiful second hand stuffed animal or whatever piece of shit they set the heart on that day, the parent decides they will let their kid carry around the toy they so desperately need during their shopping experience because they are too damn lazy to tell their kid that you don’t get a present every day.

THEN when they get to the check out (aka: my register,) the horrible moment comes that the parent just has to tell their kid they aren’t getting that crap toy they so dearly love. Instead of giving their child a firm “no,” they look at ME and expect ME to take the toy away and tell THEIR kid they aren’t getting that toy. I then get an explosion of crying and tantrums. Then the parent tells me to just take the toy away from their screaming kid.

Dude, I’m not going to forcefully take a toy out of a toddler’s hands. First of all, this is YOUR child, not mine. It is YOUR responsibility to teach YOUR kid that sometimes you don’t get everything you want in this world.

Honestly, this has absolutely nothing to do with little kids. They are born egocentric, all little kids are. However, it is YOUR job to raise your child. Now, if I was a kindergarten teacher or daycare worker, then yes, my job would involve help raise children but if we refer to the beginning of this post I am only a cashier.

Bottom line, dealing with bratty kids is not in my job description.

You signed up for that the day you decided to become a parent.

End of Rant.


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