The Burlesque Show was Awesome!

Last night I attended my first burlesque show. I did attend River City Rumble a year ago, but I feel this show was more focused on burlesque and had way more performances as well as just plain variety.

I had been assisting Ava Strange with their burlesque routine, (one of the selected performers,) so I had been included behind the scenes. While all the organizers were super friendly and outgoing, the complete lack of organization and last minute decisions made the preparation and rehearsal quite frustrating. For one, the performers were selected just two weeks before the show date and the organizers were less then helpful when it came to scheduling, time slots and giving out basic information.

I was half expecting this show to fall apart from what I had observed behind the scenes. To my pleasant surprise, everything went smoothly. It was a super sexy and entertaining show.

My absolute favourite performance was by Attila D Buns. His routine had me cracking up. Jordan Dock was also amazing, who opened the show with a flawless aerial performance.


Attila D Buns, who is super friendly and funny by the way.

Everyone at the ticket booth seemed to think I was performing for some reason, so I wasn’t asked to pay when the doors opened. Bonus!

All in all it was an excellent show, and I will definitely be attending the next local burlesque show. Who knows? Maybe a performance by yours truly is something to be seen on the horizon.


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