#TBT Reading Edition: The Clique


I treasure all of my beloved favourite children’s books. Mandy, A Little Princess, Harry Potter, Inkheart, The Thief Lord. I still reread these books and always finish them with warmth in my heart. Some children’s books are just brilliant, and still relatable to me to this day.

But then there are some books that I reread while trying to get a hit of nostalgia and I end up feeling embarrassed that I even enjoyed these stories. I use to gobble these particular books down without knowing these books would leave some harmful messages later on and the complete idiocy of it all.

Ahhh yes, the classic teen drama book series that I used to binge-read on, The Clique.

If you’re unaware of The Clique, it’s basically a series about a popular middle school queen bee along with her crew: Massie Block (That’s MASS-ee, not Maisy. I know.) Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory and Claire Lyons. Each, gorgeous, mean, privileged and very self centred and concerned only about their current first world problems. (Aka, popularity, beauty, fashion, popularity, revenge, beauty, fashion.)

While the series covers some real middle school preteen issues such as bullying, peer pressure, relationships and acceptance, the characters are the farthest thing from relatable.

When I say that these girls come from wealthy backgrounds, we’re talking billionaires. Despite being only 12 years old at the beginning of the series, the characters are very informed and aware of adult brand names and elite stores.

There is so much materialistic rubbish, it almost looks to me as it is nothing but fluff.

I guess that is why this series is so cringe worthy to me, it is just so shallow and pointless. There is just so much emphasis on designer labels, popularity, the latest gadget, trashing your friends to be on top….it’s just so, nasty.

Bottom line, I am super embarrassed I used to buy each of these books as soon as they came out. Thirteen year old me claimed to not care about popularity and money but she sure spent hours and hours reading about it.

Oh yeah, they also made a movie based on the first book of the series. In all honesty, the movie is shittier than the books. It’s just so silly, but maybe I just am not a twelve year old girl anymore.


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