An Observation

I never had any interest in growing up quick when I was a kid. While all the girls in my grade six class were trying to find boys to date, I was playing double dutch.

When middle school came around, I never had any desire to turn my clothing style sexually provocative or even to put make up on. Hell, I only started using makeup two years ago.

The funny thing is, I just never felt the pressure to grow up fast like everyone else my age when I was a young teenager. This is sort of odd, considering peer pressure is supposed to be unavoidable when attending any school, whether it be public or private. None the less, I was much more interested in reading fairy tales and writing short stories than going to preteen dances.

Fast forward to age nineteen (almost twenty) and I have started to observe something that I should have gone through when I was thirteen: wanting to grow up fast. This time though, it is different. Instead of wanting to have a boyfriend like all my friends, I think about settling down. Granted, I know that in many places across the world, getting married at nineteen is totally normal, but looking around my community, it would be very strange. Plus, would I even be ready for a lifetime commitment? I haven’t even had a serious, long term boyfriend before….well that answers that.

Perhaps it’s simply because all of my current friends are much older than me and married, or at least, moved out of the family nest. It could be just the normal young adult in me that wants to move out, that’s nothing new.

I suppose I just really need to remind myself that most people I surround myself with are typically ten years older than me, or more. To try to get up to the same level of life experience as them is ludicrous.

It’s not that I don’t like my friends, they are great and cool people, but maybe I need to find some others who are around my age I can relate to.


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