My Bra Dilemma

So recently I’ve cut back on a lot of my purchases. I’ve basically stopped buying new clothes and new books. Those were the two big things I would spend my money on.

I’ve completely stopped buying clothes from Roots, my old favourite clothing store. I still love their styles, but c’mon, 60 dollars for a shirt?!  I suppose I’ve really come to the point in my life wear brand names just don’t matter to me. I now buy all my books second hand, and doubt I will ever go back to buying a single book for twenty dollars, I can get five now for five dollars or less, it’s just common sense at this point.

I have now come to a screeching halt with the realization that I need new bras, as I’ve gone down a size. Shit.

I happen to have quite a small ribcage, so no department stores in my city carry bras in my size. (Trust me, I’ve checked.) Because of this, I used to get all my bras at Victoria Secret. Thinking back on it, it seemed absurd that I would spend 55 dollars a pop on a single bra. Do I really want to spend all my hard earned money on a fancy bra?

I thought more about my whole bra dilemma, and began to wonder why I even wear them. I’m not an exceptionally busty gal, and not wearing them feels fine to me. Plus there is that French study that found bras to be quite useless to most women.

Part of me wants to go all hippy and not even have to think twice about this or care what others may think. The other part still has the social expectations instilled in me. “When you develop, you have to wear a bra,” my Mom had told me when I was about twelve years old.

Ugh. So should I try cheap sports bras, stop wearing them all together, or slave my way back to VS?

It’s stuff like this and that time of the month make me wish I was a guy.


One thought on “My Bra Dilemma

  1. You should first of all do what feels best for you. Secondly, judge the situation: say, visit from the Queen you might want to wear one, at home or out with friends, maybe not a big deal. At home/out with someone special, you may want to splurge on that Victoria’s Secret.
    Personally, as a busty gal with quite a WIDE ribcage, I actually find it difficult to find a really nice bra wide enough for me (Victoria’s Secret here literally does not carry bra sizes big enough for me at all) but because of my cup size it’s simply uncomfortable and unpleasant if I don’t wear one, so I’d lean more towards sports bras myself.
    The key here is to realize all the choices and options we do have, and just use them as we see fit/are comfortable with in any given situation. If you can rock no bra, do it! If you don’t like nipples shining through, use that titty tape! If you want to wear a sports bra, buy one! If you want to get into something more sensual, go to Victoria’s Secret (or wherever else), find one you like to wear once in a while and get that sexy on!
    So yeah. That’s what I think. ❤


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