Travelling Necessities: International Trips


I actually did see the Queen while visiting London, it was so epic.

Everyone has a different view on what their perfect vacation would be. Some would rather live in a beach house and spend their days lounging in the ocean or tanning beside pools. Others may prefer to spend their vacation in amusement parks.

For me, I absolutely adore visiting Europe. The history, the old buildings, the food, culture, oh I’m beginning to miss France already.

Most of my holidays have been full of museums, galleries, long walks, old churches and palaces in Europe, so my travelling necessities will be geared towards those going on trips similar to mine.

 Comfy Shoes

I can not stress the importance of comfy footwear. While fashion may ordinarily be high on your priorities, it won’t when you will spend hours walking around new cities and towns. NOOO flip flops or snazzy, strappy sandals. Broken into sneakers or runners are your best bet.

 International power adapter

Even if you are not an internet whiz, you will need something to recharge your camera with. Make sure you bring two just in case one breaks down or gets lost.

A comfy satchel/purse

Normally, I would recommend backpacks just because they are more efficient. The issue is, a lot of galleries and museums will not allow you to bring a backpack, but purses are fine. Make sure your satchel is durable, strong and has zippers as well as pockets.

A light cardigan or long sleeved button up shirt

Even if your vacation is going to take place in the summer, it is very important to bring an extra layer when you are visiting religious locations. Several churches will require you wear sleeves to enter, or at least have your shoulders covered up. I also suggest wearing capris over short shorts. This isn’t about slut shaming, it’s about showing respect for the religious building you are visiting.

 Twist ties

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really trust anyone once my luggage is shipped away; you never know who could slip their hands into your suitcase or big backpack. I like to use twist ties to tie up the zippers together, as they will most likely not have enough time to untwist a bunch of twist ties to check what is in your bag.

Garbage bags/disposable shopping bags

These are great for separating dirty and clean clothes. It’s also to have a mini garbage bag on the go.

 Hand sanitizer

While travelling through several time zones, you will spend a fair amount of time in airports. Wash your hands as much as you can to avoid germs. A mini hand sanitizer to bring with your carry on will help as well.


If you’re a reader like me, kindles and kobos are from the travel gods. Being able to keep hundreds of books in one light little ebook is just amazing and so much better than lugging three books from airport to train station.


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