“Isn’t That Kind of Immature?”


If you took a glance around my bedroom you would find some stuff not all young adults would typically have. Disney fairy figurines, stuffed animals scattered all over the place and jumbo colouring books. The coolest thing in my room would have to be my DIY blanket fort, hell, blanket forts are the shit.

However, according to some, this classifies me as “immature.” Maturity seems to be very important to some. They just can’t seem to understand why some adults would “embarrass” themselves by enjoying activities that are marketed to children.

The word maturity itself, is such a foggy and broad word. One does not turn a certain age and magically become “mature,” (as much as we’d like to hope.) Personally, I find maturity to be more of a process, and like anything else, it is a spectrum as well. Not everybody fits into the same model of development.

Maturity however, is not the point of my rant.

The truth is, bashing people down solely because you do not understand or enjoy the same activities they do, that really makes you the immature one. The very thought that every person likes the same hobbies and activities depending on their age is a very simple and young mind-set. In classic fairy tales, for example, the characters are classified into the “good” box, or the “bad’ box. As we grow older, we come to realize that nobody is completly “bad” or completly “good,” that we are each different and cannot be categorized into boxes.

We have allowed society to sort us into these boxes based on our age, sex, gender, appearance, religion etc to the point that we start boxing our own friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers; which isn’t going to help us learn to liberate ourselves.

So, do enjoying colouring books and kids television shows make me immature? You know, maybe, but I’d rather be an immature, open minded and free person than a mature, closed minded one.


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