5 Strange and Dark Things I Like

I’ll admit that I like some pretty odd stuff. (Don’t judge me.) If you are reading this, perhaps you are bored and are looking for something twisted or just plain different to do. I give advanced notice these activities are NSFW.

1.) /r/Gore on Reddit


Want to watch a real-life video on a gruesome abortion? Interested in watching the stages of facial decomposition? A graphic photo set of a murdered women with multiple stab wounds?

All of these can be found on the uncensored, creepy and sometimes just plain gross subreddit.

Similar subreddits include: /r/WatchPeopleDie and /r/Deformed

2.) Being Chris Hanson.


Okay, maybe you won’t have Perverted Justice or Dateline, but you sure can find dirty old men wanting to hook up with young teens. The internet is batshit crazy as it always has been, and with the anonymity of the internet continuing to give predators a sense of security, why not spook them?

It is dead easy to set up a fake profile posing to be an underage teenager in a free chatroom, but it’s even easier to attract creeps. There is no perfect formula to this, all you have to do when you start chatting is to make it very clear how old you are supposed to be. (13, 14, 15 years old, whatever you want, as long as they are under 18.) After some brief chatting, it is highly likely these adult men (or women, but mostly men,) will bring up a sexual conversation. Continue to innocently flirt or chat back. If you keep the conversation going they may ask for your email address or Kik. Be sure you create a fake email/kik account prior to chatting. Give your account information to them and after they send you a message or email, send them back a legit looking email or message from a cop or police officer on how you know they were inappropriately speaking to an underage minor.

They will freak out, and you’ll be trolling the grossest slime balls ever at the same time.

3.) Building a Sims Cemetery


I kind of have a creepy liking of drowning several sims at once to get more gravestones and ghosts to haunt my Sims home. The easiest and quickest way to build your own Sims cemetery is to adopt a bunch of Sims kids. That sounds really awful, but impregnating your Sim, giving birth, raising it through infancy and toddlerhood to childhood is tedious and time consuming, so it is much easier to adopt a lot of Sims kids and drown them all at once.

In case you don’t know how, once you have your Sims kids in the pool and swimming, build a wall all around the pool so they can’t escape. Speed up the time and they will eventually drown.

For some reason, the Sims adoption agency will appear to not notice that you have already adopted tons of kids and they have all gone missing. #SimsLogic.

4.) Creating a Cult


I’m a creative person who loves writing, doodling and photography. All of my creative ideas end up in one of my many cheap notebooks and sometimes I just love inventing a disturbing and brainwashed community.

It’s very amusing to create the self-appointed messiah or leader and to come up with their history and what lead them to starting up a cult. There is no right or wrong way of creating an odd or out of place religious sect, plus it is a very fun creative writing exercise too!

5.) And last but not least, anything this website has to offer.


Enjoy! 🙂


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