My Parents are Sex Maniacs: A High School Horror


My Rating: 5/5

Author: Robyn Harding

The title of this novel is quite misleading. When I first picked this up, I was half expecting a story of a teenage girl who discovered her parents were part of a swinger lifestyle or participating in some massive orgy. My Parents are Sex Maniacs was far tamer than I had expected.

I enjoyed this book far more than I expected. Based on the summary given, it appears to be your classic YA story. My Parents are Sex Maniacs is told in first person by sixteen year old Louise Harrison who is struggling with family issues and friendships. This may sound pretty typical, so you may be asking yourself: Why should I read this one? It sounds pretty much like a million other YA novels I’ve read before.

Well, I am pleased to share that the plot does not revolve around a teen romance or a story of a teenage girl meeting an amazing teenage boy that changes her complete outlook on life. I also found Louise to be a very refreshing and hilarious character, who is far from your perfect, skinny, long haired Mary Sue.

Yes, there are themes of popularity and teen partying, but I found the novel focused mostly on Louise (who is not a popular party girl herself,) and how she deals with her current dysfunctional family.

I read this novel in one sitting and found it to be a very easy and humorous read. I recommend this for those looking for a light and funny young adult novel.


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