Living Dead Girl


My Rating: 5/5

Author: Elizabeth Scott

Living Dead Girl is easily the most disturbing and horrific novel I have ever read in my life, and that is saying something. I tend to read about the darkest and twisted human behaviour, frequently visiting the subreddit /r/gore and watch documentaries on child predators. Living Dead Girl is one of the few books that made me feel very uncomfortable and horrified while reading it. For its very twisted and detailed content, this book has been banned in many stores and schools.

The story is told by “Alice,” a fifteen year old girl who was abducted by a man when she was ten years old while she was on a field trip. During the five years “Alice” has been brainwashed and abused to the point of doing whatever her abductor expects from her, physically and mentally.

“Alice” was not the first girl her abductor has snatched off the streets. When the girl before Alice turned fifteen years old, she was soon after killed by “Alice’s” abductor. Because of this, “Alice” is very aware her time will eventually be up, just like the girl before her.

Living Dead Girl is surprisingly classified as a YA novel, something I find hard to believe. Elizabeth Scott is a YA writer, but this is way out of her happy, light, coming of age YA novels.

Honestly, I still do not know what to say about Living Dead Girl. I did not enjoy this book for its subject matter, and certainly will not be a book I will be rereading anytime soon, if ever at all; but the writing was excellent, the story was engrossing and haunting, easily earning five stars.

As stated above, this was the most horrific novel I have ever read, and be very wary there are pedophilia references and descriptive sexual, physical and mental abusive scenes.

I recommend this to anybody who is looking for the most disturbing and twisted YA novel on the planet, because Living Dead Girl certainly is just that.


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