The Knot Book of Wedding Gowns


My Rating: 3/5

Author: Carley Roney

I was never one of those little girls who dreamt about my perfect wedding day. If anything, when I was seven years old I was more preoccupied with my dream travelling destinations. I would watch the odd episode of Say Yes to the Dress when I was a teenager, but apart from that I never had much interest in wedding gowns. Because of this, my knowledge on wedding gowns were slim to none before I picked up this book.

As a beginner to all of this, I found Book of Wedding Gowns to be very informative when it came to basics of the anatomy of a wedding dress. I did not know there were so many parts of the dress to consider, and how many styles there are for each part of the gown. Silhouette, bodice, neckline, waistline, sleeves, skirt, train, fabric, lace, embellishment, colour, dress portraits…the list goes on.

Book of Wedding Gowns is filled with very beautiful and detailed photographs, so there is not a ton of information and reading involved. As a beginner, I found this quite helpful, most likely because I am more of a visual learner.

There is a brief history on wedding gowns from the 1500’s to now included in this book, but the summaries are very brief and hardly detailed.


Sorry to interrupt but I just had to add that I absolutely love wedding gowns with a hint of blue.

All in all, Book of Wedding Gowns was an interesting read with all the basic information you need to know on the dress. While I personally would have liked to see more historical content then what was provided, it is easily understandable that this book is more for women who are trying to figure out what their dream wedding dress will be, not the whole history on wedding gowns.

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