Baby Not on Board: A Celebration of Life Without Kids


My Rating: 5/5

Author: Jennifer L. Shawn

Baby Not on Board is a total hilarious read that every childfree person would enjoy. Parents themselves, may find this book slightly offensive, but obviously this is a light, humorous read intended for those who are considering to choose or already have chosen the childfree lifestyle.

This little book is packed with funny illustrations, quizzes, lists, activities and so much more. My favourite part was when Shawn would give the typical questions from parenting folk and include witty, earnest and “end of conversation” responses to each question.

Question: Why don’t you have any children?


Earnest: Because I don’t want any!

Witty: Why don’t you have any manners?

End of conversation: I’m infertile, you jerk! (Burst out crying.)

Question: Sooooo, when do you think you’ll be having kids?


Earnest: I have thought about it and have decided against it.

Witty: How about never? Is never good?

End of conversation: When minivans are sexy and day care is free.

Gosh I just adored this book. I’m sure some people will not appreciate it because of it’s illustrated filled, easy and light reading style, but Shawne brings up excellent points and valuable advice for anyone who considers themselves to be childfree.

Shawne also includes several links to organizations, support groups and information to connect with other childfree folk. Out of all the childfree/childless books I have read, this one is hands down my favourite so far. There are very few books I have read and have actually made me laugh out loud, and this one totally did.

I do not recommend this to those who have children and are easily offended.


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