Wardrobe Necessities

wardrobe essentials

Apparently there is some rule about a list of clothing that every woman is expected to have: nice jeans, little black dress, work skirt/pants, button down crisp shirt, classy looking heels, nice fitted blazer….ugh. For the record, I only have 2/6 of those items, and I rarely wear jeans anymore.

The whole wardrobe necessity thing is something I just don’t believe in. I don’t even think something like bras should be considered “necessities,” anymore. I believe we should try to stretch our minds a bit further and look at why there even are “necessities” or “essentials,” when it comes to fashion. Is it a quick and easy way to put together outfits, or is it just another way to try to conform us to societal standards?

sociology rocks

Not saying I’d wear something with a tacky font like this, but sociology seriously does rock.

Of course, there are clothes you are expected to wear at any given office/work setting, but really apart from that, nobody has the right to tell you what articles of clothing you “should” or “should not” have. It’s up to you to figure out what your fashion needs are. For me, my necessities change based on what style I am into. Only recently up until now I had not worn a dress in nine years. Now, I have a couple of dresses that I consider to be my go-to fashion pieces.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.02.31 PM

I recently bought these pants at Forever 21 and they are now without a doubt part of my necessities. They are comfy, cute and casual; my main fashion themes.

Really, fashion is a form of self expression. It is bad enough some of us have to wear shitty uniforms or business-casual styled outfits for work; now we’re supposed to have a bunch of “wardrobe necessities?” Fuck that. You should be the one to control your fashion necessities, as everybody is unique and feels different in different styles of clothing.

You don’t feel comfortable in button down shirts? That is totally fine, I don’t either! Or if you feel more confident and comfortable in a dressy floral gown, than rock that! The idea that every single woman should all like to wear six specific fashion pieces is just not realistic.

Own your outfits, your style and what you feel most comfortable in. Try new styles if you are interested in expanding your horizons.

And ultimately, never let the beauty or fashion industry make you feel like your form of fashion/self expression to be strange, at the end of the day, they want you to buy and consume more of their clothing and material. They want you to have the desire to be part of their fictional fantasy world of commercials and catwalks.

Of course, all of that is fake. The only thing that is real is you, so be you, nobody else.

You can find the pants I mentioned here:


First image credit to: http://www.girlinbetsey.com


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