What Is Goth? and Paint It Black: A Guide to Gothic Homemaking

goth1       goth2

My Ratings: 5/5 and 5/5

Author: Aurelio Voltaire

I figured I would put these in the same book review, as they really go together and are very small pocket-sized books.

I found another couple of excellent guides to living goth and just had to review them as they are both amazing. Voltaire really outdoes himself in these witty and hilarious how-to’s.

The first book, What is Goth? explains the very basic meaning of what being goth is all about, and what it certainly is not. It also outlines the several different goth-types in the goth culture, and that no goth is the exact same cut-out goth figure that television and the media depicts them to be. (That weird melancholy teenage kid dressed head to toe in black who hates life and never has any lines on the TV show, but is always there as the outcast freak.)

Paint it Black: A Guide to Gothic Homemaking, is as you probably already guessed, is more of a book on how to create easy-to-make and affordable goth decor and how to turn your home into an awesome goth haven. Even if you are not interested in going full gloom themed for your apartment or house, this little handbook also gives excellent crafty ideas that you can use for birthday, Christmas or Halloween presents.

Both books are full of funky illustrations and hilarious jokes from cover to cover that I enjoyed. I recommend this to anybody who is goth, interested in the subculture or a “mundane” like me, who just loves the style and artistry in the goth lifestyle.


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