Interview With The Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles #1)


My Rating: 3/5

Author: Anne Rice

I’ve basically steered clear of all things vampires and werewolfs after my awful experience reading Twilight. I’ve only read one other vampire-themed book, Let The Right One In, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I figured I’d give vampire books another shot.

I’ve never read anything by Anne Rice, all I’ve heard about her was her strong disapproval of fan fiction. Hey, kudos to her for being honest about her opinion on the bizarre world of fanfic, I’m sure J.K Rowling would be pretty creeped out by the R rated Snape/Harry fics floating around online, too.

Anyways, I did enjoy Rice’s writing style. I found it was quite descriptive, a style I know not everybody likes, but I personally do. I find it is much easier to get visuals of the scenery and characters that way. Speaking of the characters, they were all well written, none were the one-dimensional Mary Sue/Gary Stu types.

Plot-wise on the other hand, I found was very slow and not as exciting/face paced as I thought it would be. I did find it a challenge to get through some parts, as they were just plain dull.

This one personally, was just not my cup of tea. It was good, but I doubt I will continue with the series. I know there are tons of die-hard fans of the Vampire Chronicles, I just won’t be a new one joining the fandom.

That is all fine and good though, I’m busy enough being a Potterhead.


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