The Best Leggings Ever

Some fashion pieces are just essentials, and a pair of solid black leggings is a down right necessity. Able to dress up or dress down and being oh so damn comfy, I have no idea what I would do without leggings. Of course, there are crappy leggings that can give you wedgies, the fabric isn’t soft enough or it just isn’t built for your body type.

Alas though, I have finally found the pair of leggings, and they aren’t even from an overpriced boutique, hardly! You can buy them at your local Superstore for only $10!

I’ve always been a fan of Joe Fresh for their excellent prices. I don’t buy all my clothes there, but I have found quite some gems in this glorious clothing store located between the produce and pharmacy section. Right now, I can’t stop raving about their soft and comfortable leggings!

The leggings come in various hues and patterns, so if standard black leggings aren’t your style, there is much more to choose from.

I love how comfy the leggings are, the cut and the high waist design. I absolutely love, love them. No more Ardene’s leggings for me, these are so much better.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.03.40 PM

I must have 6 to 10 pairs now, they are just incredible, and so much better than Urban Outfitter’s leggings that will cost you $40 for just one pair.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing leggings out in public, or just prefer jeans, these leggings also make an excellent pair of lounge or pyjama pants, as well.


Sooo comfy!!


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