Roots – Lauren Bag Tribe Review

I’m not a girly girl by any means, so I prefer to use the term bag over purse, I just roll that way. While I’m not a super fashion focused person, I am very picky on what I buy, especially on bags.

I’ve only had two other bags in my life, excluding backpacks. I have my small green leather bag that I picked up at a flea market some years ago and I came across my Guess bag when I was visiting Las Vegas.

greenbag guestbag

I liked the simplicity of the small green leather bag, but it was basically just too small, I couldn’t even fit my wallet in it. I automatically loved my Guess bag because of its unique denim fabric pattern. On the other hand, I did not like the jean flower that was unremoveable, and the lack of pockets and compartments.

It has been a tedious journey to find “the one.” Being a very specific person when it comes to what I buy, I can never just walk into a store and find something I like in fifteen minutes. I guess being a perfectionist has something to do with it.

At any rate, I received several Roots gift cards for Christmas one year. I’ve visited Roots multiple times, as I love their sweaters, scarves and cozy tops.

I was shopping with my Mom when we went into Roots when the boxing day sale craze had ended. She suggested I check out the purses and bags, since they are excellent quality and well made. I never really looked at the bag section, as I knew they were all quite pricey.

And then I saw it, and I knew…. It was the one.





Holy shit, it’s everything I could ever want in a bag! It has three zipped up pockets apart from the main section, four pockets without zippers and it doubles as a satchel and handbag. Two of the open compartments are the perfect size to keep your iPhone, change and makeup in. My 13 inch MacBook Pro also fits in the main compartment, even though I don’t carry my laptop around with me all that much, it is nice knowing I can bring it, if I want.

The bag is genuine leather that looks fabulous even as it fades. It matches with everything I wear, it is never too laid back or too fancy, it is perfect for all occasions.

The bag itself, is perfect; there is absolutely nothing I would change. The downside? The price, of course. It came with the hefty price tag of $318.00. With my gift cards, I was able to get a decent price on it, but really, even if I didn’t have the gift cards, I still would have bought it. I really believe it’s okay to splurge on things that you will be using a lot. I’d never splurge on a pair of sandals or eyeliner for example, but a bag, that I will use every day for a long time to come.



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