DIY Nail Polish-Dipped Keys


I bought a whole lot of nail polish in middle school when I was going through a huge nail polish painting craze. Since that phase has long ended, I am stuck with a lot of nail polish and I am always looking for creative ways to use it.

If you’re like me who has spare nail polish, check out this simple DIY way to colour code your house keys!

You will need:

– Keys

– Nail Polish

– Hair dryer (optional)


1.) Paint your keys and wait for the first side to dry. This will take 10-15 minutes. To quicken the drying process, try using a hair dryer. DO NOT paint over the grooves.

2.) Once the first side is try, flip the keys over and paint the second coat. Repeat step one.


Another way to dry your keys


3. Voila! You are all done. You can always take the nail polish off with nail polish remover if you feel like using a different colour scheme later. Now, you certainly won’t get your keys mixed up!



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