Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights


My Rating: 5/5

Author: Katha Pollitt

This book is wonderfully written and a valuable read for anybody who considers to be pro-choice and/or a feminist. Obviously, the majority of readers who will be picking up this book will be those who already consider themselves to be pro-choice. However, many people identify as pro-choice, but are still interested in putting restrictions around abortion, rather than banning them. For example: the belief that women who become pregnant from certain circumstances (ex: rape or incest,) should be the only ones having access to legal and safe abortions. Pollitt is hoping to change the views of those who are in the “muddled middle,” of the whole abortion debate.

A witty and humorous writer, Pollitt breaks down the anti-choice arguments, and why abortion rights are so important to not only women, but society as a whole.

Pro had me fired up, finding myself nodding to so many of her points. My favourite quote from the book I left at the bottom, which really sums up the main theme I got out of this excellent book.

“Perhaps we don’t see abortion [as an act of self defense] because we don’t think women have the right to a self. They are supposed to live for others. Qualities that are seen as normal and desirable in men – ambition, confidence, outspokenness – are perceived as selfish and aggressive in women…Perhaps that is why privacy has so little purchase on the abortion debate: Only a self can have privacy. Only a self can have equality.”

Or if you are more of a movie person, check out the following documentaries on the subject:


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