Why I Love Shitty Reality TV Shows


My guilty pleasure in life is watching incredibly lame reality television shows. It’s almost sad how giddy I get when the latest Dance Moms episode is released. The show is about a dance teacher and her young dance students who travel to dance competitions weekly, along with the drama and arguments the mothers of the dancers bring to the show. I’m not a dancer, nor do I really have a fascination with the art of dancing; all the same, I often find myself wasting hours watching Dance Moms clips on YouTube.

Dance Moms is my current reality television obsession. Other reality shows I’ve been addicted to in the past include:




16 and Pregnant is pretty self explanatory. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is a show about gypsy weddings along with other gypsy milestones and their culture. 19 Kids and Counting is a long reacurring reality tv show documenting the extreme Christian Duggar family and how they function as such a large family unit.

At first, I couldn’t understand what had drawn me to these shows, as they are all incredibly different. None of them are from the same network, (Lifetime, MTV and TLC.) What do mothers of young dance students, extremely extravagant gypsy weddings and a huge extremely conservative Christian family have in common?

Nothing really, except that the lives the stars of these shows live are well, shitty. At least to me. I only came to the conclusion a couple of days ago why I love all of these shows so much. The simple reason I love these shows is because the lives the stars of these shows live are the lives I would never want to have for myself.

When I watch 16 and Pregnant, I feel a sense of relief that I didn’t wind up getting pregnant and having to drop out of high school like many teen moms end up having to do. When I watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, I cringe and the misogynistic culture, thankful that I live in a world where girls finish their education and are able to make something of themselves other than being illiterate housewives. Dance Moms and 19 Kids and Counting have the similar theme of parenting. I’ve already came to the conclusion that I have no desire to have children, so watching both of these shows make me even more firm and glad about my decision.

So what do reality tv shows all boil down to me?

Honestly, they make me feel better about myself, and my life. I get to watch shows where people are living lives I am so thankful I do not have. Whether they are real or not, at least I’m not living like this!

Is my reason sad? Yeah, probably, but ultimately, all guilty pleasures are pretty lame, why else would you feel “guilty” to admit they give you “pleasure?”


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