Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep (The Princess Tales #3)


My Rating: 5/5

Author: Gail Carson Levine

A charming and humorous retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I absolutely loved this book because it is quite refreshing to read a retelling of a fairy tale that features an independent, witty and quirky princess.

As told in the original Sleepy Beauty tale, Sonora is given gifts from fairies shortly after her birth. One of the fairies gives her the gift of brilliance, which makes it quite difficult for her to relate to her peers as she grows up.

The only downside I found to Princess Sonora was the length. The book is a very quick read, which is understandable given the target age range for this series is probably 7-12 years of age. All the same, I did wish it was a bit longer.

Princess Sonora also includes illustrations and a map, although a map was not really needed for this story.

I would definitely recommend this to anybody who likes fairy tale with a twist, or enjoys humorous fantasy short stories.


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