Carny Folk: The World’s Weirdest Sideshow Acts


My Rating: 4/5

Author: Francine Homberger

A collection of short biographies about “human curiosities,” who worked as carnival or circus performers.

I am a bit torn about this book. While it was an engrossing, I had a tough time agreeing with some of the author’s points, but putting that to the side, I enjoyed tapping into the lives of so many fascinating performers.

I was a bit disappointed that there were not many photos included in Carny Folk. While the author certainly describes the performers in detail quite well, it still would have been better with more visuals given the subject matter.

I gave Carny Folk 4/5 stars for its entertaining and interesting content. Generally, I find it hard to come across history books that have a lively feel to them. I find a lot of historians are quite dry when it comes to their writing style.

I recommend this to anyone who is interested in circus performers, or if anybody has recently been watching American Horror Story’s Freak Show and would like to learn more on the subject.


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