My Cute Underwear Addiction and Confidence

It was only a couple of years ago that I walked into my local Victoria Secret just to browse; and that was how my underwear obsession began. I had only been to VS a couple of times before for bras, as I have an unusual bra size so I can never find cheap bras from Walmart or Target that fit me.

Anyways, I came across the panties bar for the first time, and boy, was that the beginning of an addiction.


It began to get to the point where every single time I was anywhere near a VS, I had to buy the 5 pairs for $27 deal. It isn’t a bad price, until you end up with over a hundred pairs of underwear.

I’ve never really counted how many undies I actually have, but I am positive I have at least 90 pairs.

So why oh why do I love buying new underwear so much? (No, I don’t sell my worn undies to creeps on Craigslist, you assuming pervert.)

The truth is, cute underwear gives me confidence! That is it, that is all! I feel very feminine and pretty when I wear lace trimmed undies in pretty colours and patterns. Obviously, this is a confidence thing that comes from within. I don’t go outside wearing my undergarments over my pants and tops to show my new VS purchases off. I don’t buy a bunch of lingerie for guys to see or for some striptease, I buy cute undies for myself. (Now if only my mother could understand this logic….)

But for those out there who buy cute underwear for stripping or flaunting their goodies, more power to them! Sexual liberation!


Of course, I’ve cut down on my undies addiction. I only go into VS or La Senza if I need something, (which as of right now, I don’t, and probably won’t for a while, so it is a good rule of thumb for me to go by.)

I am sure loads of women, men, genderfluid, agender or other non binary folk, have had their confidence beaten down so many times by the beauty and fashion industry. I know I have, and I am working on learning to love myself and my body; and that will certainly take a hell lot of time.

For now, I just love finding little things that give me confidence, whether it be lace undies or some crazy hairstyle I will try one day.

So what gives you confidence, or what makes you feel feminine? Let me know in the comments below!


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