River Island London Eau De Toilette


I’m not a makeup/beauty person, as I am rarely patient enough to paint my face perfectly or spend an hour on my hair. I generally stick to basics that work for me, so if I post anything related to makeup/perfume/hair stuff, you can guarantee these are products I am 100% satisfied with.

I grabbed this perfume while I was shopping in London, England. Granted, it was an impulse buy; perfume was not something I would normally get as a souvenir. I most likely decided to buy it because the name of it is “London,” and I really enjoyed shopping at River Island, so the two went hand in hand. Plus, the price was really decent at £10.00 for 30ml, so I figured, what the hell; the bottle was my favourite colour, and it was pretty.

And am I ever so glad I snatched it up. So far, this is my all time favourite perfume. The scent isn’t too flowery, too sweet, too strong or too light, it is just right! The perfume is described as “sweet and cheeky,” but I would describe it more as “fresh.” Regardless, It is an excellent scent for everyday use, and it lasts quite long for the price.

Some perfumes I have encountered smell really pretty at first, but then I get sick of them after a couple of hours; but I have no issues with this scent, it is just perfect!


(River Island delivers to over 100 countries worldwide.)


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