Want to Go Private?

want to go private

My Rating: 5/5

Author: Sara Darer Littman

Young adult has never been my genre. For me, they tended to have the same formulaic plots that I could never identify with. (I mean, come on, not one single guy in my high school had a crush on me, let alone two.)

Finding a YA that was relatable, interesting and realistic was a tedious journey for me. It was quite difficult to come across an author who could really tap into the lives of North American teenagers.

That being said, Want to Go Private is a very dark, scary and graphic novel. Not everyone will appreciate it due to the subject matter. Seriously though, I think any teenager with their own laptop or computer should read WTGP. 

I found the main character, Abby, incredibly relatable. Like her, I felt very alone in high school. Like Abby, I was quiet, shy, a bookworm and virtually had no friends. (Abby does have one close friend, but in the beginning of the book their friendship begins to drift.) Feeling completely lost and desperate for the need to connect with others, Abby turns to the internet for friendships and a sense of belonging. On a teen social media website, ChezTeen, Abby meets Luke. I’m sure you have a pretty good idea where this is going.

The reason I enjoyed this book so much was how realistic and relatable WTGP was. Family issues, friend troubles, independence and sibling rivalry are covered in Abby’s hectic everyday life.

Very few YA novels cover multiple teenage struggles, apart from teen romance. As much as I’m sure teen romance is relatable to some, I personally hadn’t kissed or even held hands with a guy until I was eighteen years old, so love triangle plots rather depressed me or pissed me off.

I will give a fair warning though that there are many sexual suggestive sections in WTGP that Littman does not gloss over. The book is raw, straight to the point, and could possibly be triggering to some readers.


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