My First Corset! Orchard Corset (CS-426 Short)


I’ve been researching corsetry for quite a while now, and a couple of months ago decided it was time for me to order my very first corset. I spoke to Ava Strange, the corset guru in my area where would be the best place to go about ordering my first corset. I was directed to Orchard Corset, the best website that provides off-the-rack corsets for their excellent quality and price.

I selected a solid black, cotton underbust for the sole purpose that it would match with everything. Figuring out my torso length, I knew a CS-426 would be too long for my body type, so instead I decided on the cotton black CS-426 Short.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.29.13 PM

My natural waistline is 25 inches, so I ordered a size 20 as the website recommended to order a size 4-7 inches smaller than your natural waistline.

I was expecting to wait a good few months until the corset arrived but to my pleasant surprise it was delivered to my house in only ten days, with free shipping! Ten days!!

What can I say? The quality of the corset is excellent for what I paid for and everything I wanted it to be for my very first corset. Every part of my purchase exceeded my expectations.

I am very excited to have now finally dipped my toes into the world of corsetry, and can not wait to to learn more about waist training and tight lacing.


Now excuse me, as I have to find a place to hide my corset before my Dad walks in seeing me in this. The assumptions of fetishes and corsets will probably always be laced together (no pun intended,) to the general population.

For more information be sure to check out some of Ava Strange’s awesome articles on corsets:


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