Growing Out Your Hair


I get asked a lot how I got my hair to be so long. This will be a pretty short post since I have no miracle products or pills to recommend. I did not use any specific brand or hair cream, just my typical shampoo and conditioner.

To grow your hair very long you will need:


-Self control

That is it. Seriously.

The last time I had a haircut was five years ago. I’ve never had an issue with split ends, as I keep my hair combed or brushed all the time. Some people may think it is crazy that I’ve gone so long without a haircut, but for me personally, I just do not need it.

While I was once a daily hair straightener user in middle school, I stopped straightening it daily altogether around ninth grade. I’m nineteen now and have limited all usage of straightening/curling products down to once every two months. Why? Because constantly heating your hair will damage it. It may not seem like it, but after using it day after day, it wears out your hair.


Gym hair selfie.

That is simply all I have done to achieve the length of my hair, which is now down to my waist. All you need to grow your hair out is time (a lot of it,) and self restraint to stay away from hair heating products.


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