Why Have Kids?: A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness


My Rating: 4/5

Author: Jessica Valenti

Full disclosure: Jessica Valenti is one of my favourite authors, so I was biased before I even started reading Why Have Kids.

I have read quite a few childfree/childless books as I have already made the decision not to have any children myself, but I have not read a book discussing why to have children, especially written by a mother.

The title of the book could be misleading; as if it is discouraging to have children, but that is hardly the case. Valenti’s book looks into the feminist issues and cultural affects surrounding parenting. The title is very literal: Why Have Kids?

Valenti brings up many valid points about topics like “natural” parenting, breast is best, that parenting is “the hardest job in the world” and that women are the “natural” parent.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Why Have Kids and it left me thinking a lot about how society believes what parenting is and does for someone, particularly that parenting makes one happy.

However, I would have liked to hear more of Valenti’s personal experiences and opinions on parenting.

Apart from that, an excellent read for anybody who is a parent, thinking about having children or is living childfree.

“When you’re telling women that their natural role is only that of a mother, it’s that much easier to convince them that they don’t need to be doctors, scientists and politicians.” -Jessica Valenti


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