Death in Salem: The Private Lives Behind The 1692 Witch Hunt


My Rating: 3/5

Author: Diane E. Foulds

I give this book a solid three out of five stars. While it delivered what was promised, it was not an engrossing page turner for me. While this book did give an excellent insight as how day to day life was like in the late 1600’s of Salem, I felt it missed something.

Death in Salem is broken into five chapters and a conclusion. The book consists many (honestly, only,) brief biographies on the lives of those who were affected by the Salem witch hunt. The chapters are broken down into titles: The accusers, the victims, the clergy, the judges and the elite. I would have liked to see more than just biography sketches, perhaps a chapter on the culture of Colonial America.

While this book just did not do it for me, it is an excellent place to start if one is interested in learning about the 1692 witch trials.

Or if you’re more of a movie person, check out the documentary:


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