No Tax on Tampons


What year are we living in? Have I missed the menstruation tents in my city or are they now hidden in people’s basements or closets due to the harsh winter weather?

Have the general male population have still yet to realize that periods are one of the most natural bodily functions for cis-women?

Did I choose to have to bleed for a week every month? Hell no! That week is the only time when I seriously wish I was born biologically male. I don’t look forward to killer cramps, cranky mood swings and feeling bloated. And that is a week out of every month I can’t be eaten out of, which sucks balls. (No pun intended.)

In the end, periods are not fun, unavoidable, a reality and not something anyone looks forward to, so why the hell do we tax GST on tampons and pads? I think we can all agree they are not “luxury items,” that you buy for pleasure or fun, you buy them out of necessity.

Now, I guess you could go on to your daily lives and work without menstruation products, but that would just be fucking ridiculous, considering that you would be bleeding all day at work causing a mess and the constant feeling of discomfort. (And lets not forget blood isn’t very easy to wash out.)

In conclusion, I truly believe it is an embarrassment that the government continues to tax on menstruation products.

But here is the biggest question of all: If men got periods monthly, would they have already taken GST off period products? Hell, I am betting money on it that they would not only take tax off but give them out for free in medical clinics.

Lets not forget you can get condoms for free…just let that sink in for a minute.

Sign the No Tax on Tampons petition here:


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