Two Is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice


My Rating: 4/5

Author: Laura S. Scott

This is an excellent book, but the title is misleading, “A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice.” This gives you the false impression that Scott’s book is a guide, when in fact the book stemmed from the author’s “Childless by Choice Project,” a research project with several components.

At the beginning of the book, Scott explains her two main goals for the research project which were:

1) To determine what people identified as their most compelling motives for remaining childfree.

2) To better understand the decision-making process which led to someone identifying themselves as childless by choice.

Based on these goals, Scott created a questionnaire and recruited a hundred and seventy one childless by choice individuals to take the survey. I was surprised and disappointed that the research pool was so small as it was, less than two hundred participants. Scott also conducted several in depth interviews with childless by choice couples.

This book is coming mostly from the statistical point of view on being childless or childfree. The book explores the motives of living childless/childfree from couples and the myths and stereotypes of being childless.

While it is not a guide, it does give comfort and a sense of acceptance to those who are childfree by choice, and that they are not alone in their decisions. I would highly recommend this to anybody who has already chosen to live childless by choice or those who are interested in understanding the mindset of those who have decided to live childfree.


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