Outpatient Day Hospital: Week 5 (Final Week!)

I’m done, I finished the program. I honestly can’t believe it.

It really went by super fast. My last week was on the topic of self esteem, something I was looking forward to. The main assignment of the week was writing a love letter to ourselves and we had to read it out loud to the rest of the group and the therapists. It was pretty nerve racking…how often do you read a love letter out loud, especially to yourself?

I’ve made some awesome friends from group who are on Facebook, even though that is against the rules. Two other people started the program on the same week as me, so we finished at the same time. We got each other cards and little presents, it was really sweet.

So what next?

I have an occupational therapy appointment next week, and the results from that will help determine where I want to go in terms of school and jobs.

I’m glad I finished this program, and it was totally worth it. I’ve learned so many skills, now i just have to apply them and work on my thinking patterns.

Right now, I’m feeling very positive and proud with myself 🙂


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