Outpatient Day Hospital: Week 4

I have now been in this program for a month. The topic this week was not as riveting as the previous ones, since all it was about was setting goals and learning how to take steps towards goal setting. It was beneficial, but not as helpful as the Distorted Thinking module that was covered on my first week.

The next and final week for me is going to be on self esteem, the topic I have been waiting for since day one. Everybody has a topic they are excited to get into, or the topic that will help them work on one of their mental health issues the most.

But gosh, next week is going to be my last week in the program and I am amazed how quickly the weeks have gone by. It really is crazy.

So far, I have learned so much, and already have made some awesome friends. (This is sort of against the rules, but nobody really follows that one.)

I also finally found someone who is as into gore and serial killers as me, bonus! He even lent me one of his favourite true crime books. That is a true friend.


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