Glamorized and Normalized

Being a tumblr addict for over 3 years, I’ve received a sea of self harm related content on my dashboard. I think we can all agree that self harm is a serious mental health issue and should be viewed as such, however, I have began to come across more disturbing self harm imagery that one could call romanticizing and even normalizing these behaviours.


I don’t think posts of self harm awareness and self harm warning signs are wrong, nor are they to blame. I think we can all tell the difference between a self harm awareness ribbon versus a black and white picture with a pretty little poem to follow.


The image above represents my main concern.

If a young vulnerable person stumbles across these images, they could easily get the impression that the only way to PROVE that they are struggling or hurting inside is to express it physically by cutting or burning themselves. That alone, is a disturbing mindset and incredibly dangerous.

The bottom line is, self harm is not a trend, it isn’t something you HAVE to do to prove you are suffering. Not cutting yourself does NOT mean you are hurting or struggling any less than someone who does cut.

Everybody has issues, problems and stories that will mark them inside, sometimes forever, but it doesn’t mean you have to scar yourself to prove it. You do not need to validate your emotions or struggles to anybody.


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