25 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day Alone


Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday, and everybody knows it was created for the sole purpose of consuming and purchasing for large companies. Still, millions around the world will spend  their cash on the unnecessary fancy chocolate boxes and heart printed teddy bears for their “special someone.” And then you have the expected fancy candle lit dinners at a romantic restaurant….

Or if you are like me and you currently are not in a monogamous, romantic relationship with someone, Valentine’s Day can be a shitty day. Especially since Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year.

So I’ve compiled a list of activities and fun things you can do by yourself on February 14.

1. Start treating yourself by sleeping in.

2. Make your favourite breakfast, whether it is pancakes or bacon.

3. Visit http://thenicestplaceontheinter.net

4. Head to your local mall and browse your favourite stores. Before departing, give yourself a reasonable budget. Treat yourself to a new shirt or your favourite Bath and Body Works lotion.

5. OR buy yourself a cheesy Valentine’s Day present, if you like red and pink stuffed bears.

6. Go see a movie by yourself. Pick something action packed or a thriller, anything except a movie with a main plot line of a romantic relationship, like 50 Shades of Grey. (But don’t even get me started on how that abusive relationship is even classified as a romantic movie.)

7. Buy yourself popcorn, with extra butter.

8. Have a bubble bath.

9. Bake cookies just for yourself.

10. Or, just eat the cookie dough instead.

11. If you have a pet, cuddle them.

12. Look up funny videos on YouTube.

13. Watch an entire season of your favourite tv show.

14. Dance or sing to your favourite upbeat songs.

15. Take a nap if you feel like it.

16. Make a fort out of blankets or pillows.

17. Research a topic online that you find really interesting.

18. Order yourself flowers.

19. If weather permits, spend time outdoors. Figure skating, tobogganing, hockey, running, walking your dog, etc.

20. Make or order your favourite dinner, whether it be seafood or plain cheese pizza.

21. Invite a friend over!

22. Take up a new hobby.

23. Catch up on some fan fiction (if that is your thing.)

24. Make a tumblr account.

25. Prank someone on prankdial.com


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