I’m at a point in my life where nothing feels certain, which sucks because I’m the type of person who needs security and assurance. When I was little for example, I thought I knew what my life was going to look like, right down to the details.

When I was about six, I had this idealized fantasy world of me writing best selling fantasy novels while living in a big old Victorian house by a river. (When you’re six years old, you are constantly being asked by adults what you want to be when you grow up.)


Something like this. Six year old me had no thought of income back then, of course.

It’s possible to be a best selling author and own an old Victorian house, I’m sure…but the odds of that actually happening? Slim to none.

It is pretty rare to come across someone who knows exactly what they want to do for the rest of their life (realistically speaking,) and how they are going to make it out on their own.

This, I am sure, had been a major factor that lead to my utter fear of the future when I was in high school, something which I found wasn’t the greatest outlook on life for my mental health.

While I am not sure right now for career paths and long term relationship dreams, I’ve found figuring out what you want to get out of in life can help you decide to plan out bigger future goals. Little goals are like baby steps or building blocks. They help you work upwards.

For example, I have three main goals I have listed. These goals are things I am aiming for in my future, something I want to work for, a decision I have made or something that helps me think positively of the future.

1.) I would like to live in a small house.

2.) I would like to help foster dogs for a shelter.

3.) I have no desire to have any children.

These goals may seem small and unimportant at a glance, who cares if I want to foster dogs? Shouldn’t I care more about something “serious?”

Well, knowing I do not plan on having any children, I would consider to be quite a “serious” decision. And for me, fostering dogs as a goal is about something I can look forward to in the future, something I would like to do while living independently.

So why have goals? Big or small?

They get you excited for your future, even if you are not a hundred percent sure what your future may hold.

So you’d like to make your own goals, but not sure where to start?

My biggest advice is to start small. Big goals can be daunting and you may never feel you will live up to the expectations of something so huge. So, keeping that in mind, try not to list one of your goals, for example, as becoming a millionaire or a CEO. Instead, make a goal of where you would like to travel to, where you would like to take a summer road trip to. Or maybe, a goal more specific; like your goal is to move out of your family nest in the next couple of years.

I may not know what I want a degree in for just yet, but I am working on it, on my own way and at my own pace. 🙂


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