Tumblr Roleplaying for Beginners: Getting Started

Perhaps while tumbling you have come across a post related to the mysterious unknown world of roleplaying, but you never really looked into it.

Until now.

Roleplaying on tumblr can be a great escape or hobby, or just a good way to waste time.

The first thing you need to know about roleplaying is you have to enjoy reading and writing. If you do not, roleplaying is not for you. You can not go into a roleplay posting something along the lines of “hey, how r u?” and post a gif or picture and be done. In the tumblr roleplaying world, you use full words, sentences and paragraphs. Internet shorthand is rarely allowed.

So how do you get started? Why you’ll have to find a roleplay to audition for! You can find one by searching through tags like “rp” “new rp” “new roleplay.” You will find a lot of roleplay groups looking for new characters.

While sifting through roleplay groups you will find there are a lot of words or terms used in roleplaying that you may not understand, so be sure to read through this before auditioning so you have a basic idea of what means what.

You will also find there are a lot of different kinds of roleplay groups out there. Some will involve characters that were already pre-created by those who started the roleplay group, or they may ask you to create your own character while auditioning. The roleplay group setting may be in Hollywood, a preppy high school, Hogwarts, or an R rated location (use your imagination when I say that.) The possibilities in tumblr roleplay are endless.

It is best to spend time looking for a roleplay group that works for you. For example, if you are uncomfortable writing smut, it wouldn’t be a good idea to pick a roleplay group where smut is a requirement.

Below is the link to my favourite masterpost on tumblr roleplaying, it literally covers everything from character development, do’s and do not’s while roleplaying, writing paragraphs and more.



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