Stop Bitching at the Bus Drivers

Despite being nineteen years old, I do not have a drivers license, or even a learners. I’ve never had a strong desire to learn how to drive, primarily because I am quite terrified of the idea. I’m sure I will get there on my own time, but driving is not a huge necessity for me right now. So like many people, I bus to get around.

I wouldn’t be the first to say my city’s public transit isn’t the best it could be. More often than not the buses are late or too early, rarely on time. It also doesn’t help that I live in Canada, when the majority of the year is filled with harsh winter days.

So when my bus does come later than scheduled, I get in line with a bunch of grumpy people who like to take out their frustrations on the poor driver.

“I’ve been waiting for ten minutes and nearly froze to death!”

“Is this the normal guy? He is never late…”

“You’re fifteen minutes late and now I’m going to be late, thanks a lot!”

It seems ridiculous that I am even stating this obvious fact down, but It is not the bus driver’s fault. Why on earth would he purposely want to get there late and have to pick up rude and grumpy passengers? Would you like that? Hell, no.

Instead of putting all the blame on the driver, actually think about the external factors, like weather and traffic. For example: oh, it is super snowy today, generally people are more cautious and slower in this kind of weather. Or maybe there was an accident, slowing everything down. Generally, more accidents occur in the winter, duh.

There are multiple factors why your bus is not exactly on time, but it is not the bus driver’s fault.

Bus drivers are people too, not just robots that control the buses. I find quite a few people forget about that.

And when you’re at your stop, be sure to thank the driver for the ride. It is just common courtesy.


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