Outpatient Day Hospital Program: Week 2

This week’s module was on anger management. I thought this topic was going to be the least relevant to me, but I was quite wrong. I am very angry, and I haven’t been handling it in the best ways.

While anger is an emotion and everyone has every right to feel what they feel, it is what you do with the anger that can be destructive.

I suppose I haven’t been handling my anger well considering I’ve spent loads of time marking my anger and shame onto myself physically, fantasizing about keying a certain person’s car, or debating whether to anonymously ruin someone’s life or not, for revenge.

But alas, what good will this be to me anyhow? Revenge is tempting, but never solves anything.

Leaving on a positive note, anger, the emotion, is not a bad thing. Anger can be very healthy, depending on what you do with it. Anger may be needed to survive some dangerous situations, awareness of anger increases awareness of self and others, anger can stimulate productive action and moral anger can be used to fight for justice and fairness in the world.

For example, Martin Luther King was mad about injustice and inequality, so what did he do? He changed his country for the better, fuelled by his anger.



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