The Present > The Past


I had spent an extensive amount of time a couple of years ago dwelling on the past. Some things happened that was unavoidable to me, yet I continued to let my mind dissect and pick apart the negative events that had happened to me in the past.

I’m sure everybody knows that the past cannot be undone, but has anyone ever thought about how it is affecting your present?

Getting upset, revisiting the negative memories of the past take up quite a bit of energy and time, and can get exhausting if that is all one thinks about. It can affect your sleep, work, mood, relationships and general outlooks on life. While one worries about the past, they are spending less time living in the now, the present. Which is the only time we know what we have, for sure.

The past has passed.

I’m not saying it is easy to accept and move on from, nor is it something one can just read those words and change automatically. Patterns of behaviour are tough to change, especially when you have had these behavioural patterns for years.

Remind yourself, the past has passed, but how can I learn from it? How can it make me a better person, or use these previous experiences positively later on?

The past may have sucked, the future may be terrifying, but what is the point on worrying about it in the end? All we have is now.


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