Old School American Girl Was Better



I was not alive for the original Pleasant Rowland company’s launch, but I do remember when American Girl had Historical Dolls, not “BeForever;” and I remember when American Girl’s clothing covered every hue from yellow to green, not the standard girly girl pink, purple and powder blue.

But what could I expect? Mattel bought the company some years ago and one way or another, they were going to seep in the traditional gender norms into AG like they do with all of their products, so why should I even be surprised?

I’m not of course, but very disappointed. American Girl was my childhood, and it’s sad to see it sink into the Barbie/Bratz group. They aren’t there yet, and they will never be as cheap, but they are getting into the makeup/hair/fashion/beauty circus that the original American Girl would be never become.

The American Girl that I remembered did not have such a wide selection of hair extensions, and such a narrow selection of clothing.

                   Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.46.30 PM

           Pink, blue, pink, blue, purple, pink, silver, white.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.43.34 PM

Can we just talk about for a minute the fact that this “doll salon chair” is 110 dollars?!

I’m not dissing American Girl….nor am I blaming them…it is just sad to see such a huge part of my childhood and a positive girlhood slip more and more into traditional gender norms.

Being a girl should not limit you on what you wear, who to be or what to do when you grow up. American Girl is not saying that directly, but no longer selling “tomboy” clothes will. Only displaying gymnastics, dancing and horseback riding for sports activities instead of softball, tennis and soccer, also will. This is an underlying reinforcement and reminder to young girls what a girl “should be.”

A girl “should” not “be” anything. A girl should be her, who she is, what she loves, what she believes, what her dreams are, whether it is playing in the mud or dancing ballet. Sadly, American Girl just isn’t celebrating that anymore like they used to.


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