The Diva Cup


Nobody likes their “time of the month.” It’s annoying, inconvenient and uncomfortable. There is always the possibility that mother nature will show up earlier or later than expected, even if your period is on a regular schedule. So, always having to be stocked up or at least make sure you have some pads or tampons in your backpack/purse is an additional nuisance. Not to mention you always have to keep an eye on the clock to make sure you don’t leave your tampon or pad in for too long. Lets also not forget these disposable feminine hygiene products DO have chemicals in them…so then we have the possibility of getting toxic shock syndrome. Plus, it doesn’t help to mention that using these disposable products means they are contributing to filling up landfills, yikes! As if we use enough disposable crap already, as it is.

But praise the flying spaghetti monster, I have finally found something that fixes all these issues! The Diva Cup is without a doubt, the best purchase I have ever made, ever. I am serious.

The Diva Cup is a surgical silicone cup that you can use for up to 12 hours before having to empty it. Lets take a look at the awesome facts:

There are no chemicals or absorbance, so there is absolutely no risk of getting toxic shock syndrome. It is reusable, eco-friendly, doesn’t leak and a money saver. It pays for itself after about 3 months, and lasts for up to ten years! Oh, and you can swim and sleep with it inserted!

Five out of five stars, without a doubt. It is convenient, environmentally friendly, a healthier option and just works! Once you go Diva, you will never go back, my friends.

Check out their website that will answer all of your questions or concerns:


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