Why I Read Children’s Books


It may seem odd to some that I, a nineteen year old would love purchasing and reading children’s chapter books. Don’t you want something more challenging? More mature? Or at least more interesting? 

I can get where they are coming from, but I could ask the exact same thing to adults who still collect kid’s comic books or video games aimed at preteens. There is nothing “childish” by collecting comic books, playing video games or reading, it is stereotyped as that when it is targeted specifically for kids.

So why do I like reading children’s books?

Ahh, do you smell the sweet scent of nostalgia? Yes. That is the key word my lovelies, nostalgia.

My childhood was awesome, to say the least, and something about books I read when I was a child is connected to happy memories and feelings for me. It is somewhat hard to explain, but it is a nice wave of comfort, rereading books that I first read when life was so simple and carefree. It’s a great feeling and escape.

Doesn’t everybody like to do that in there own way?


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