An Open Letter to all the “Lost” High School Students

Dear Awesome Teenagers,

Being in High School are not the best years of your life as some morons claim it to be. How on earth could this time of your life possibly be the best? It is incredibly stressful! Lets take a glance: You have your parents still seeing and treating you like a kid, but at the same time they expect you to know at seventeen years old what you want to do for the rest of your life, or at least, get perfect grades to get into a good college. Oh, but make sure you get a part time job to save up money to help pay for your tuition. Also, you are going to need a good extra curricular to get into a decent college, but schoolwork comes first!

You are expected to juggle so many things at once, and be balanced with school, homework, family, work, friends and even you. (You may not even know who you really are yet, or what you want to be, which is just fine. The entire purpose of being a teenager is to figure out who you are, and what you want in life. It can take years for someone to answer all of those questions about themselves.)

Not to mention you have hormones and emotions that you did not have when you were younger and life seems more uncertain than it was before. I’m not trying to sound like a health class teacher or cheesy by mentioning ‘hormones,’ but your hormones control your mood swings, and they are hell. They are like a gross side dish you have to eat for dinner because your Grandma brought it over.

If you were like me who feels like you are a friendless loser who is simply existing but not living, don’t give up. I’m sure you’ve been told that time and time again, but it is so true.

High school feels like eternity, it really does. It is four years, and at your age, that is a lot of time, so of course it feels very long, or like it will never end. I was there only a couple of years ago.

The truth is, nobody really likes change, and you are going through so much of it. If you think about it, you are going through the most changes you ever will in your entire lifetime! Your body, mind and life, all changing. Everyone is struggling with something. Everyone. 

You are not alone. You are never alone.

Be you. Do what makes you happy, despite what others say. Dance in the rain, live in a fantasy virtual world on the internet, draw, play soccer. Whatever makes you happy, go for it.

And above all, don’t think you are lost. Everybody at your age is. You are not alone.

You are never alone.


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